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We're excited to welcome to Quizlet an awesome summer intern, Roger Chen, who just started this week. Roger grew up in Walnut, California, and attended Walnut High School, before heading on to study Computer Science at Berkeley. Roger has managed to do a ton of substantive work and independent projects in addition to his stellar studies at Cal, including being the Online Manager for The Daily Californian.

We asked Roger a few questions so our Quizlet students and teachers could get to know him:

Quizlet: Who was your most memorable teacher and why?
Roger: My biology teacher in high school, Mrs. Davies, was amazing and hardworking. When I was a freshman, I didn't do so well in her introductory biology class, but she made me love the subject. I ended up taking another two years of biology with her, and I got to be really good at it! In another life, maybe I'd study medicine instead of computer science.

Q: What's the most useful thing you've ever learned?
R: You will never have more free time than you have now. It was something my friend said to me in high school. Don't postpone projects or hobbies until you have more free time, or you'll never get to do them. On the other hand, I might just be wasting time doing a lot of silly experiments right before finals week....

Q: Who's taught you the most?
R: Last year, I took Professor Paul Hilfinger's course on programming languages. He pours his heart and soul into refining and perfecting that course every semester, and it was the most worthwhile course of any subject I have taken.

Q: What was one thing you wish you could have changed about high school?
R: I think the SAT is in desperate need of a replacement. The 25-minute essay is embarrassingly rushed, and "SAT prep" has almost nothing to do with learning. I wish we could dispel the idea that students need to take months of SAT courses in order get a good score.

Q: Why did you decide to work at Quizlet?
R: I love teaching and creating technology for education. Quizlet's team is full of amazing people, and there's a ton of cool stuff built into their infrastructure. I'm super excited to be interning here this summer!


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    Have lots of fun! please make folders in the classes ! It would make my life much easier rather than having all the sets all mixed in with each other! Quizlet is great! Have fun and make sure you guys keep up the awesome work! My grades are skyrocketing!!!

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