Hailing from the Sunshine State, Shane Mooney comes to Quizlet with a deep passion for education, technology and entrepreneurship---he founded his first ed-tech company while in college and is excited to be part of the impact Quizlet is having in education.

We asked Shane a few questions to help introduce him to all the teachers and students who use Quizlet:

Why work at Quizlet?

Quizlet gives me the opportunity to work with a great team on eliminating some of the tedium from the learning process for millions of students. I'm excited to be bringing the long-overdue Quizlet Android app to the light of day.

What was your favorite subject in high school?

Biology. The vast complexity of life built upon a principle as simple as natural selection is awe-inspiring. I used to dream about capturing that richness in software.

What's the most useful thing you've learned till now?

No one can tell you what you want or how to get it. You have to ask yourself what you really want, and then dedicate yourself to finding it. You get out of life what you put into it, so chase your dreams.

What would you change about school today?

I wish there was a flexible way for students to explore the world of knowledge off in their own directions and paces while retaining a great school social dynamic.

Welcome, Shane!

You'll help make Quizlet an even better place for students across the world to study.


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    I couldn't agree more with the last question.

  4. dpontiff

    and i agree with you in the aspect of school. there sill needs to be a foundation, but students should be able to learn what they want to a point. also, we share a love for biology. it's just awesome to learn about the earth's creatures.

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    5th comment! Congratulations, Shane! Welcome to an online world with a love of learning.....Quizlet!

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    other sites, like have figured out how to disable bad language, or at least, the words no one wants so hear, and i was wondering why can't quizlet do this?

    sorry if you take offence to this, but get off your rumps, stop playing with pixar, and do something about the issues that at least 95% of quizlet have been having trouble with!

    thank you for listing.

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    Good answers to the questions, Shane. Sounds like you've done some good thinking about all of this. Now, if you can just come up with an app that helps the students turn in their homework on time...Hah! An impossible task.

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    The social dynamic of school doesn't matter. We all need to go into our own private virtual dream-worlds in which we can learn very quickly because our brain is analyzed and maximized. Computers will soon replace people.

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    Good luck, and have a great time!

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