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We've hired a full time developer, and image uploading is coming very soon

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Hey all. Andrew here. It's been a busy December and January for Quizlet. I have a few important announcements.


First and most importantly is that we've just hired our first full-time developer and product manager, Phil Freo (seen above with me at the Crunchies awards). Phil recently graduated college and has agreed to move to San Francisco from Florida to work full time for us at our SoMa office. See also: Phil's announcement on his blog. I'm very excited about this because Phil is a talented developer and can really help step up the pace of innovation at Quizlet. I'll still be spending a lot of time on Quizlet as well, but as a full-time student at MIT, my time is somewhat constrained. You can look forward to seeing lots of cool new things in 2010 that will be a direct result of Phil's work.

One thing we're going to focus on is improving reliability. When so many people depend on Quizlet to study, any downtime hurts. In 2009, we had uptime of 99.42%, which may seem good, but is actually pretty mediocre. A good starting goal for 2010 is to hit at least 99.9% and hopefully even better. We're adding monitoring infrastructure and doing capacity planning to make sure that happens. I've just completed a major code revamp on Quizlet that reduces database queries by 20-30% and increases our ability to innovate rapidly, as well as fixing a major issue with our Facebook login system. With Dave Margulius as Quizlet CEO and Phil working for us full time, we've put a lot of tools in place to make 2010 an extremely productive year.

Now, what's next? We're finally going to launch an upload-to-Quizlet images feature in the next few days. We're also going to restart our work on getting the Quizlet interface translated into multiple versions, which I've been wanting to do for a long time. And a lot of you have asked about iPhone and other mobile devices, to which I say we're still working on it, but it's one thing we really want to focus on this year.

Overall, our goal is to grow Quizlet as big as we can this year. We want to reach as many students as possible, because we think Quizlet is great and could be helpful to a lot more students. We've gotten tens of thousands of testimonials from people who love and rely on Quizlet to study, and we're addicted to the warm fuzzies that gives us! We're also committed to maintaining a great free product. We will be adding more premium upgrades/services this year, and I'm personally looking forward to all the site enhancements that additional revenue will be able to fund. We'll be re-investing almost all of that money into making Quizlet even better. If you like what we're doing, consider supporting Quizlet with a donation.

Lastly, I had dinner at a chinese restaurant this evening, and I got a curious fortune:

Let's hope so! :) Here's to a great 2010, and thanks for using Quizlet!


P.S. I forgot to mention, but about two weeks ago we also made a switch from built-in MySQL search to Sphinx search, which is an extremely fast search engine. Searches that used to take 4.00 seconds now take 0.01 seconds. You might have noticed that search was down a few times in favor of (relatively poor-quality) google search results. Search used to take up so much processing and time that it was bringing the rest of the site to a standstill. That won't happen again. The search page still isn't as blazing fast as I'd like it to be (there are some parts of search that sphinx doesn't do right now), but it's much better than before. For an example, check out our nursing flashcards.


  1. Philip Freo Sr

    This year, we're all going to help make Quizlet a household name.

  2. The Commenter

    Hooray :D

  3. Oggily Boogily

    My Name is Andrew too!

    That is cool.


  4. Name

    Is that your real name?

  5. Blacky

    cool man good luck

  6. Presz

    YES THANK U :mrgreen:

  7. Michael

    Quizlet is a godsend for my grade seven students. Your work is changing lives out there. Thank you!

  8. Monica

    That's really cool, happy studying! :)

  9. sosnice

    does this mean the age difference is going to change?

  10. poopyhead

    this is wierde. i hate business and learning. shove that in your oven.

  11. onwin

    Keep up the good work. Your fortune will come true. Thanks for a great product.

  12. josh

    Hey man, me and my friend are currently in the process of making an android version of quizlet. We are making progress (high school students) and hope to have it finished within a few months. When we put it on the apps lib, thousands will be able to use it because android will soon be the default of all cell phone devices. Hope to release it soon. Good luck in your work at MIT and I hope everyone will fall in love in quizlet like I have.

    Member for: 1031 days


  13. josh

    By the way, If you need help in anything, don't hesitate to ask.

  14. Kristin

    That's awesome that you hired Phil. He looks like a cool guy. I am sure he is going to bring success to the website. Keep up the good work and supporting all those students who need assistance in studying.. including me!

  15. Anonymous

    Keep up the great work! And yay nursing! :) Most of my Quizlet flashcards are for nursing.

  16. Xion

    hey thanks alot for everthing and I cant wait to see the progress !

    Go Quizlet~~

  17. Dear Andrew:

    I teach High School Computer Applications in Charlotte, NC. My exam scores came back today and my students who have great difficulty testing scored in the 90's (from a state made test)!!!!! I have used your site for several years and I LOVE IT! I am working on my National Boards and I must show proof of student learning with evidence.

    I send my students to on the first day of class each year and I am so proud to see your name on the MIT Roll. My students watch on the LCD screen as I cover the terms and create the test, and then they immediately take the test with great results. My students and I think you are GREAT! Ms. Foy, Myers Park High School

  18. CCVocab

    Exelent( I know, spelled it wrong). =)

  19. CCVocab


  20. alwaysswimmin

    Good job, Andrew! :mrgreen:
    I like having quizlet around, so keep it up!

  21. I

    YEY!!!! :D

  22. Justin

    Congratulations, Phil!

    Good luck with the launch, Andrew!


    Andrew, thanks again for your advice during last semester exams about the image uploading issue; everything turned out alright.

    Best Wishes,


  23. Andrew J. Leer

    Hizzah! Now where's those multiple line questions and answers I keep asking for? :)

  24. Y.M.R

    Awesome!!!!!!!!!! My semester exams are coming and I need to study images.

    Thanks Andrew :-D

  25. Y.M.R

    when is it exacly coming.

  26. Brina

    I would love images with my flashcards! I have mine on my iPod touch so I can have them with me everywhere (: The app is called Touchcards

  27. Quizlet Fan

    Great job, your fortune will obviously come true with this sucessfull business going on:!: :mrgreen:

  28. Agilis

    Congrats with the new developer! I am so looking forward to seeing the image upload feature. Keep up the good works guys!

    I just wanted to let you know that I just released a new flashcards app called Flashcard Touch ( for iPhone and iPod Touch which works great with Quizlet. Hopefully this helps some Quizlet users to easily study their cards on the go until the official iPhone app gets released.
    /end of shameless plug

    Anyways, I wish you best of luck with both Quizlet and your study at MIT!


  29. Phil Freo

    That app looks really great! Look forward to a blog post soon featuring some of the best uses of our API to date - we'll include yours :)

  30. matthewrocks

    nice app Agilis! i just bought it. good stuff, Andrew

  31. Treeface40

    Good job, Andrew (and the rest of the Quizlet staff)! I can't wait for image uploading, that will be very helpful.

    Good luck on continuing to advance Quizlet and giving it more great features.


    P.S. Thank you very much for telling me who had been removing sets from my group, and also for fixing the glitches I told you about. :D

  32. Ananymous

    Why don't you make an app for the ipod nano?

  33. Anonymous

    Quizlet is awesome!!!!!! This year I just started learning Spanish and I am at the top of my class!

    Go Quizlet! This is an amazing tool for studying!

  34. grajcevcir

    Hey thanks Andrew for making Quizlet happen it rocks!! So now i dont have to memorize 20 words and their defintitons plus their synons and antons. Though I do recomend that you can make quizlet more helpful if you ley people be able to show antonyms and synonyms!!!.

  35. wolverinegrl

    hey, thanx andrew for making quizlet, it helps a lot

  36. TheJIbbler-

    Hey, Good Job Andrew! Hope it works out!
    (hey can you give some grace on the chat box?)

  37. Thehotboy

    yay! go quizlet! <3

  38. kcn

    thanks so much =) hope this will be helpful/beneficial

  39. Thatz AWESOME!!! :)

  40. bmmurr

    good job, u owrk hard and u deserve 2 have a great buisness!!!!!!!

  41. bmmurr

    every1 join CHAT AND STUDY or QUIZLET PROTECTERS! chat and study help with ur vocabulary and quizlet protecters stop cyberbullying on quizlet (2 help out Andrew; u know take some pounds off his sholders.

  42. Does anyone no how to make different emoticons??

  43. Evilweirdo

    Nice! Muahaha!

  44. Y.M.R

    how much longer with it

  45. Some Ugly Guy

    every1 join CHAT AND STUDY or QUIZLET PROTECTERS! chat and study help with ur vocabulary and quizlet protecters stop cyberbullying on quizlet (2 help out Andrew; u know take some pounds off his sholders

  46. Dumb Scientist

    I Know.

    ; + ) or ( = ;) or ;(
    : + P = :P
    : + O = :O
    But, that's just the beginning!
    I am not going to tell you anything else. :( for you.

  47. Oh, : + D = :D

  48. Dumb Scientist

    Oh, sorry.
    Anonymous is me.

  49. Thanks Dumb Scientist!

  50. wanbookwormwang

    Really, I am sooooooooooo intersted andI care soooooooooooooooooo much...

    Okey, I am glad, but it's not that exciting...

  51. OK

    good but when

  52. random smileys

    all of them r in a set called 'quizlet smiley faces'... there sooo cool!

  53. quizlet user

    all the work that you are doing is AWESOME! Quizlet is one of the few best study tools i have worked with, and a late congratulations on MIT, what achievements you have! im psyched about the faster searching ability and excited about the image uploading feature which would kill study time when it comes to art history!

  54. face21

    Phil you are the best. I am telling all of the teachers I work with about you and your great site. We will miss you in J-ville.
    Your friend,
    Mr. A

  55. Indisclosed

    will you ever bring the mailing feature back to Quizlet? It was very usefull for keeping up with diff. set/people/studying times or groups.

  56. Andrew

    That's Great!

    so- What are we talking about???

  57. Random

    when is it coming

  58. noone

    i love quizlet

  59. unesa

    I recently learned about quizlet and started using it for Medical Terminology. I found it very useful. It actually helped me to prepare for the test. I found the falsh cards and games very very useful. However, there are some spelling errors, which really affected my grades on th test. I think the creator of this cousrse should double check the spelling, so anyone could benefit from it fully. I hope my concern will be acted upon soon.
    thanks you

  60. Dillan

    Thanks you so much for considering the iPhone application. That is what I've been hoping and waiting for!

  61. melodyc

    Thank you so much for saving my life, my brain, my time, my integrity, my life, wait i already said that.
    In other words, THANK YOU GUYS
    can't wait for any updates on quizlet!!
    love love love <3<3<3

  62. Indisclosed


    we were talking about when you could send personal messages to people that you knew on Quzlet. I think it was about a year ago or so that it was taken away I didnt know why though.

  63. None

    Could you please when is it coming. Its been 21 days did you forget

  64. Phil Freo

    Image uploading is coming very soon :)

  65. None

    Thanks. Your awesome Phil.

  66. Agilis

    Awesome. Can't wait for the image upload feature! Thanks!



  68. ChirsYg


  69. When's the image upload coming. I thought it was gonna be in "the next few day" when this was posted...

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    Holla bac!

  74. Dumb Scientist

    I like pie!!!!!!!

  75. Dumb Scientist

    stop spaming

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    yo quizlet is the thang

  78. Unknown

    stop stealing dumb scientist

  79. Everyone hates chris

    whats up with the fake names

  80. Crazy Kid

    i'm so crazy that i'm crazy. :P :D :) :lol:

  81. you don't know my name

    fake names :lol:

  82. boo31

    cant wait

  83. CandleJack

    Soon, this article will have OVER 9,000 comments.


  84. Rosie

    Hey!!!!! I know this is random but I have a website now too;+). It is Love this site. And you must have met alot of stars there you lucky guy:D. Keep upgrading and I will do the same.

  85. Gardensnail1

    First a CEO, now a full time developer. Quizlet is going places. I've brought this up before, and I will again.

    How much will we have to pay for this?

    It's the logical progression of everything good and free. Some greedy jerk steps in and wants to charge for said thing, and he brings friends who share his view.

  86. Phil Freo

    We've addressed your comment in our new post:

    Images is live!

  87. lil lena

    hahah cool :)

  88. yo


  89. Krunchyman

    This image uploading isn't so great, because it's just part of Quizlet plus. Gardensnail, you were right when you said we were going to have to pay. I don't like this sudden change of events.

  90. Cong

    I expect quizlet to be huge like twitter. I'd rather see students "quizletting" constantly than twitting. Studying is the only way to become successful guys (except for Paris Hilton)

  91. Krunchyman

    Hey, guys, here's a way to effectively tell Quizlet Staff we want change with Quizlet Plus and image uploading. Join the group called Boycott Quizlet Plus. Tell us why you don't like Quizlet Plus and we will let you in. If we can get thirty people to join, we might be able to get Quizlet Staff to delete Quizlet Plus. Join now!

  92. 1,2,3

    quizlet rules:!:

  93. uh...

    Whats so bad about Quizlet Plus? Phil is just tryin to make a little cash man. For all the work he has put into this service that you have used free of charge, he deserves it. And if you dont want Quizlet Plus, then dont pay for it. Im not lol.

  94. AwsomeGuy

    This Place is full of nerds!!!! I don't even know why i'm on right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. AwsomeGuy

    This Place is full of nerds!!!! I don't even know why i'm on right now!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGGG!!!!!

  96. AwsomeGuy

    Okay maybe the other comment was a bit harsh but we need somthing FUN to do WE CAN'T JUST STUDY, PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  97. Rosie is now Pokegirl

    Wierd I posted that tyice with out knowing... wierd... thank goodness you put in the images... It's been a loooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggg time since I was last here... So what did I miss:D

  98. Rosie is now Pokegirl

    ( In a tunnle) Quizlet rules!(ecos back)... R A N D O M N E S S

  99. C'est Moi

    Quizlet is a fantastic study tool- I couldn't love it more than I do. Here's to a great 2010. Thanks Quizlet!

  100. pokegirl

    YYYYEEEESSSS! I CAME UP WITH AN IDEA! How about adding a noun or adverb thingy... I'm terible at telling an noun to an verb

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