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  • What are the coolest and most helpful ways you use Quizlet?
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  • What's the secret to your Quizlet success?

My Quizlet Tip

At Quizlet, we're teaching ourselves Mandarin Chinese. Use learn mode on an iPhone 4S or 5 with Siri and you can test your Chinese pronunciation too!

How to do it:

  1. Add Chinese pinyin as a keyboard language in your iPhone settings.
  2. In Learn Mode hit the Siri icon.
  3. Speak the Chinese term instead of typing it (see below).

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  1. smexysunny

    Fourth COMMENT!!!!

  2. smexysunny


  3. smexysunny

    As soon as I posted your message showed up -.- same thing happened to you didn't it...

  4. smexysunny

    Same here! Scatter is my favorite ;D

  5. smexysunny

    Who's arguing? @fmmmlee

  6. smexysunny

    Back to where?

  7. smexysunny

    And it's 5:23...

  8. smexysunny

    ChaChaspicy: It's not in classes...

  9. smexysunny

    Really?! :P I mean that discussion is still on sets, but it's not in classes(on the dashboard)...

  10. aaronrip

    9th. I think you should be able to speak the term (make it able to be turned on and off) if your computer has a microphone or on your phone. Quizlet is awesome! :)

  11. Nataniah_


  12. TheShadowzSnipeRS

    yeah me to!

  13. rmnelson

    i like the idea of a corkboard tht would b so cool!! maybe some more games would be helpful because u kinda get bored with the ones we already hav after a while. if u r doin a cumulative test learn mode really helps a lot!!!

  14. rmnelson

    30th comment

  15. rmnelson


  16. Nataniah_

    Yeah the corkboard idea is cool.

  17. zachafoo

    Please put i this thing where we can do class discussions and stuff. that would be awesome and I think many students would benefit from it


    I use scatter a lot it is very useful to me and my class has a competition to see who can get the best time and i usually win

  19. Gina021

    I agree with bengals02. You should make it so that you can speak the term. It would make it
    SO much easier than having to type everything!! PLEASE MAKE IT SO YOU CAN SPEAK THE TERM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. joyashford

    I've found Quizlet most helpful in learning a language (for me, it's Latin). However, it also helps me memorize definitions for Science, Logic, and several other subjects. I love how easy, elegant, organized and fun it is - it saves me a lot of hassle.

    As for tips... I've found that putting in pictures from Flickr can help me remember difficult words (images stick in your mind) and I've also found that using Speller is a great way to begin familiarizing yourself with words for the first time. It's easier and more fun than saying the words over and over again to yourself, and hearing the Quizlet lady say the words often helps me remember them.

    Thanks so much for making Quizlet - it is such a wonderful study tool!

  21. Gina021

    THIS ISN'T A CHAT ROOM!!!!!! you guys have no life

  22. rawells14

    Yep I just hope quizlet reads it

  23. rawells14

    This is basically the latest chat room until some type of discussion gets put back up.

  24. rawells14

    My Long Suggestion and Stuff Post:

    1. I like the cork board idea.

    2. You guys should put some sort of discussion/chat back onto the main class page so that all of the class can communicate in some form. I have seen multiple scenarios where the teacher/admin is needing to communicate with the students and the students are unable to know what is going on. Maybe you can have a mature language filter? Or maybe like a more complex chat system where you can actually have multiple folders/rooms per a class. Just an idea.

    3. Another Idea: You should add some sort of multiplayer-real-time game sort of thing to make studying more fun for younger kids that need to get used to studying if they have high school/college ahead of them. Or maybe like a game where you make up questions for like a study partner or friend and they answer them real time, that way studying is more of a cooperative thing to make it more interesting.

    4. Possibly a Calendar/Bulletin tab for a class: This would be excellent for those classes who are actually school classes. This would be great for those teachers that give out hw assignments and also it would be great to tell announcements to the entire class.

    5. Quizlet is huge. I use Quizlet a ton in my everyday life for Studying, working on hw, and communicating with my fellow classmates. If you guys can enhance the learning experience and possibly make it more interactive and maybe some different modes/games your visits per a day would go right up because you would be getting so many more people. Also people who are on Quizlet now, will be getting on Quizlet more often. It would only help your business and make the entire user experience more interesting.

    6. MUST HAVE MULTIPLAYER GAME BACK! I noticed the update back in May of 2012 and unfortunately I was not on during the time of the testing of the game. I understand there were a few disadvantages to it such as Vulgar language and off topicality but there were so many advantages to those users that actually wanted to use it as a learning experience. I just absolutely wish that I could've tried it out because it looked so fun but I highly recommend that you guys work on it a little longer and then put it out there another month for some more testing.

    7. I understand you guys work very hard and program probably most of the day. I know enough about web development though to know that what matters the most in a company or organization is the listening to the users. I am very impressed with the feedback option and find it very convenient to post your ideas and comments about certain things. Unfortunately I am sure that many people would agree that the last update that came out was a very big change. This was a somewhat large problem for those classes that relied on the chat feature everyday. I enjoy using the new GUI and find it somewhat easy to navigate. I would like to speak on the behalf of many people right now and say that the discussion feature was very good and probably needs to be put back on . I apologize if this comes across rude or a command but I would predict that it would make the entire Quizlet experience more functional and easier to use and help out your classmates. If you are actually working on the discussion box right now and refining it or something then I and probably most of us are very happy.

    Thank You and Have A Great Day.

  25. dtpaine STAFF

    Thanks for sharing, scripturegirl!!

  26. rawells14

    Thank You tjacks99 PARAGRAPH MAN FTW

  27. dtpaine STAFF

    Thanks for the great ideas, epicryan14. You've put a lot of thought into Quizlet---that's awesome. How about the cool ways you use Quizlet now? Are there any ways you've come up with yourself to study on Quizlet that we may not have thought of?

  28. nwang121

    I'd like the class discussion back. It really helped me when I had a question or needed help. I also think that the multiplayer game would be really helpful. Some friendly competition between friends never hurt and I think that it would really help with studying.

  29. Edison_SM

    I really like quizlet but there something that I'd like it to have, I'd like to combine permanently some of my sets, but it is possible to combine them just temporaly, for example, I created a new set with my new vocabulary, but once I learned those words I'd like to combine those with one set that I've learned before.

  30. rawells14

    I use quizlet in many ways. I use it to study and communicate with my fellow classmembers. (or should I say ex-communicate) anyways, I would recommend if you are in College or High-School, to create a class with your friends or class mates and have everyone post things about the class after a day in that class.
    You can even have multiple classes for different subjects.

    You can post sets about :

    Upcoming Assignments/Homework
    Notes over that day
    Reviews for Upcoming quizes or tests.
    And maybe like an announcement set where someone manages it about announcements in a class.

    Quizlet will help your grades in all of your classes if you use it right.
    Keep up the good work!

  31. rawells14

    This page on Average has approximately 15 Comments per A minute!

    Before the Update of removing discussion, the average comments per a minute were .13!

    That is a 1115% Increase!


  32. rawells14

    Rosebud6980: We all are very happy with your love of music. Thank you for your comment.

  33. rawells14

    @sevenluckynumber As of February 13th 2013, The high fives are currently updated and are working.

  34. Nataniah_

    Nice facts epicryan! That proves that most people want the class discussion back! REVOLT!

  35. rawells14

    Thank You for the feedback guys! I am a genius with an I.Q. of 167. I appreciate all of the feedback. Goodbye for now. I will be needing to go program in Python for a little while. I am working on a chat component, goodbye.

  36. AbigailBaldwin

    Well, I use it different for different subjects!

  37. rawells14

    Thank You Tjacks99.

  38. rawells14

    The post per a minute Are Increasing at a hastened incremented pace! If we can show Quizlet Helpful evidence to bring back Discussion, We must! We are doing very well supporting our Points of Views!

  39. AbigailBaldwin

    If I am cramming for vocab test, for example, i would do scatter three times or more times to get familiarized with word choices. Then I would do learn section. (i have a good memory so I usually only do learn once-but if the words are hard I do twice or more) Then I would know all words!

  40. rawells14

    So far here is my complex recursion function for using a Spanish to English Conversion in a chat based platform.

    It is currently written in Java:

    import IIC1103Package.*;

    public class jjj {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
    int[][] a = archivoAMatriz("Hola");
    estimacion(3, 3, "Hola");
    int[] asa = {3,5,6,1,6,1};
    static int[][] archivoAMatriz(String input){
    ArchivoDeLectura a = new ArchivoDeLectura();
    String aux = "";
    String [] aux2;
    int filas = 0;
    int columnas = 0;

    if (a.abrir(input)) {

    aux = a.leer();
    aux2 = aux.split(",");

    filas = Integer.parseInt(aux2[0]);

    columnas = Integer.parseInt(aux2[1]);
    Usuario.mensaje("Ese archivo no existe");
    int[][] matriz = new int[filas][columnas];

    while (!a.EOF()) {
    for (int i = 0; i < matriz.length; i++) {
    aux = a.leer();
    aux2 = aux.split(",");
    for (int j = 0; j < matriz.length; j++) {
    matriz[i][j] = Integer.parseInt(aux2[j]);
    return matriz;

    static void imprimirMatriz(int[][] a){
    for (int i = 0; i < a.length; i++) {
    for (int j = 0; j < a[0].length; j++){
    System.out.print(a[i][j] + " ");

    static int hallarminimo(int[] a){
    int ret = 0;
    for (int i = 0; i < a.length; i++) {
    ret = a[i];
    if (i>0) {
    if (a[i]<=a[i-1]) {
    ret = a[i];
    return ret;

    static void estimacion(int simulaciones, int n, String output){
    int[][] a = archivoAMatriz(output);
    int aux = 0;
    int cont = 0;
    int minimo = 0;

    int[] aux2 = new int[n+1];
    for (int i = 0; i <= simulaciones; i++) {
    minimo = hallarminimo(aux2);
    if (cont>=1) {
    if (hallarminimo(aux2)<minimo) {
    for (int j = 0; j <= n; j++) {
    int k = Aleatorio.entero(0,a.length-1);
    int j2 = Aleatorio.entero(0, a.length-1);
    if (a[k][j2]>0) {
    aux2[j] = a[k][j2];
    if (j==0) {
    cont = 1;

    System.out.println("El costo promedio de los viajes es: " + aux/(n*simulaciones));
    System.out.println("El costo mìnimo de los viajes es: " + minimo);

  41. rawells14

    Sorry everyone for the Showing off. I am going to go back to work on my recursion. Sorry Guys!

  42. Oliviaemily99

    What in heavens name was that

  43. rawells14

    @ChaChaspicy : Are you wondering about my recursive method written in Java?

  44. Oliviaemily99


  45. rawells14

    Unfortunately the Comments per a minutes have fallen down to 5 guys.

  46. rawells14

    @ChaChaspicy: Do you know how to program in any language? If so I wrote that in Java. I have been working on it for a while.

  47. Oliviaemily99


  48. Oliviaemily99

    Ok. epicryan14: I haven't the slightest idea about what you are talking about. Are you, like, some old wise person or something?

  49. Oliviaemily99

    Oh. Well, computers hate moi

  50. Oliviaemily99

    How would you know who epicryan14 is?

  51. Oliviaemily99

    This is pathetic. Why am I even here?

  52. Sahil0719

    During exams, take all Chapter and combine them into a new set

  53. metalsofa

    Ithink it would be helpful if we could be able to "subscribe" to set makers so that when my teacher maks a new one i find him easily. I currently haveto type in his name every time.

  54. Nataniah_

    I'm disappointed but not really mad about the No Class Discussion.

  55. samevans9793

    -It would be so cool if I could create new sets on my iPhone 5 or iTouch 5, I know that the feature is coming but I can't wait.
    -The functionality to be able to make folders for our sets so that their not so disorganized.

    By the way the Quizlet app on the Apple App Store is great.

  56. JJJJJD

    This is the way that I like to use quizlet.

    I use the learn tool with learn prompting with the definition ignoring spaces, capitals, and punctuation. This allows me to sort of familiarize myself with the terms.
    I use the learn tool again, except prompting with the term ignoring spaces, capitals, and punctuation. The key thing here though is not to use "Override I was right". This really helps me with learning the definitions word for word.
    I keep on using the learn tool until I can get all the terms correct every time.
    I will use scatter or space race or the test to finish up.

  57. Mooshie123

    The one thing that really bothers me is that, with the new update, quizlet removed the options to ignore punctuation, caps, spaces, and stuff in perensises (srry for bad grammer). Also, quizlet should add a few more games and study tools.

  58. DM_Ambrose

    Okay everyone, just my two cents. A lot of the comments above have some great ideas and I believe that they should all be examined for inspiration. Personally, I really like the idea of bringing class discussions back and the cork board sounds like a great implementation of that. Additionally, I didn't see any mention of mobile apps. I would love to not only see an iPad sized app (instead of the 2x version of the iPhone app) but also wider compatibility across several types of devices. With so many people on the go, the more support that is offered the greater the usage will be. For me, it would be great to have an app that I could take on the bus ride to school to polish up on my last minute studying before test day. Additionally, offline support would be a great addition for such an app, as it would allow people to take Quizlet on an iPod without WiFi. Finally, I heard mention of a wider array of games. I would love this! For me, I have found that if a fun way of learning is provided, it helps me to enjoy learning the material more and prevents me from zoning out.

  59. devito00

    I think that we should have group scatter where everybody can work on a scatter for a set and the top 2 fastest go against each other.!

  60. Lefarsi

    hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeellllllllllllooooooooo i would like the ability to do stuff

  61. AbigailBaldwin

    Hello everyone...

  62. AbigailBaldwin

    We need more games! Also.. love scatter!

  63. aspappas17

    rosebud6989... I love your picture ..... luv Harry potter 4eva but have to admit the corkboard is cool

  64. aspappas17

    NEVER MIND you changed it.

  65. rawells14

    Ok, so this is going to happen in the future....

    Well then, My new post:

    1. I disagree with some points in that post.
    -I understand the problems with the chat.
    -There are many ways to get around this problem.
    -Add Hide Discussion Box for admin/teachers
    -Make a "prove your not a robot" security filter to make chatting less social and
    more studying related.
    -Make a simple Regex Filter on the chat.
    -People should be able to choose how they use this wonderful resource. If they
    choose to use it in a school way then that is how it should be. If they want to use
    it in a social way then it is their problem if they get a bad grade on the test the
    next day.
    -I completely understand the reasoning behind this, you want this to be a more
    educational site then anything else, the only problem is website will
    ever be fully educational. There will always be those people who take it socially.
    2. This comment page will be full of unrelated posts.
    - I would consider this a problem since when a quizlet staff member is looking
    through everything and is wanting to find some feedback, they will have to sort
    through all this non related topic information/people who are actually using this
    to chat.
    -I feel sorry for those teachers, I have seen numerous incidents since Thrusday, of
    teachers and admins that relied on the discussion box to use for an educational
    purpose, I even witnessed a person not able to get their assignment done and
    another person who had to switch to worksheets instead of using the class

    3. I understand that the set discussion is still there, but it just isnt the same. When the update went out, most of my classes were in absouloute confusion, not knowing what was going on and no way to communicate, I myself even had tests the next day and had questions about a review that I needed answered, I believe that many people would agree with me.

    4. I absolutely utterly understand your point of view Quizlet. I understand that the discussion box will probably never be seen again, but because of this, I am sure we will all be hoping for some sort of new communication on the class page, whether that be, another chat box with enhanced language filtering, a calendar with an optional chat plugin, bulletin board, cork board, drawing type of thing, voice chat, video chat, the possibilities are endless!

    As a final thought I congradulate you guys on updating the websites layout and the excellent use of CSS. I am very impressed by the newest layout and hope to see many more updates coming up soon. I am sure many people agree with the above comment and hope that some sort of communication will come soon.

    Last Thought:

    Disadvantages of Class Discussion Box:
    -Vulgar Language
    -Unrelated study topic while people are trying to be on task.

    Advantages of Class Discussion Box:
    -Communication throughout the class
    -Answer questions by your real class mates about upcoming tests and quizes.
    -Tutoring your classmates or getting help yourself.
    -Admin distributing valuable information about class announcements.
    -Enables the use of giving your class a grade on discussing a topic.
    - Allows the class to tell their personal view on a topic and how they view it.
    -Allowing a teacher to explain a topic to you.
    -Enhances peoples social skills.
    -Enhances and helps people with cooperative learning.
    -If wanted allows being on a study website fun by being somewhat social and giving your self breaks while still being more on task then going somewhere else to play video games.

    Those were my points of view and are not necessarily true. I appologize if this comes across rude. I would just like you guys to know my point of view from a dedicated user.


  66. Yoloswag9090

    i know!

  67. Yoloswag9090

    make it 20,000!!!!! PLEASE

  68. kearsarge

    make separate sections for different sub-groups like homework tests quizzes etc.

  69. EpicDavi

    @epicryan14 that wasn't even recursive code and I know you didn't write that because you are in Spanish I. Also you don't know how to code in Python either :/

  70. monroeg

    I think it would be nice and helpful, but not necessary, to add boldface, italics, underlining, and possibly even highlighting to the set creation page. This is simple to do in HTML, and would add emphasis to sets when you think you need it. Plus, the italics would be hugely helpful in writing book titles such as Romeo and Juliet or The Odyssey, both of which should be italicized. I know I have suggested this before to the programmers through the comment page, but I just wanted to say that it would be nice. Thanks! I think Quizlet is brilliant the way it is!

  71. ListeningDaisy PLUS

    I second the idea above me and I was wondering if we could record the way we want things to sound when we use Quizlet for foreign languages. For example, if I wanted to learn Mandarin, I think it would be more helpful if I could ask my friend who speaks it to record the words I want so I could hear a voice I am familiar with.

  72. dannigonyo

    When I first joined quizlet, there was a sidebar on the right side of each set that had words people missed the most, and it was good to see that so I could see if my classmates were also having issues with the same words/topics as I was. I wish that would come back! Also, class discussion is a must. Really not liking the update, looks too much life Facebook!

  73. Lino33

    I like the quarkboard idea. I like the class discussion too but my class doesn't use it

  74. k065167

    It would be great if we can have Multiplayer mode back!

  75. One-Winged-Angel

    Make a multiplayer game in each set where you type the words in each set as fast as you can. The winner of the game could be determined by who typed the most words from the set in the time givin. When you mispell a word, it shows you the next letter, and keeps you from typing until it is done showing you the correct letter. Champions can be determined by who won the most games, and the other people who play the game will be placed on the leader board by number of wins.

  76. One-Winged-Angel

    Make a multiplayer game in each set where you type the words in each set as fast as you can. The winner of the game could be determined by who typed the most words from the set in the time givin. When you mispell a word, it shows you the next letter, and keeps you from typing until it is done showing you the correct letter. Champions can be determined by who won the most games, and the other people who play the game will be placed on the leader board by number of wins.

  77. One-Winged-Angel

    Opps, sorry, accdentally posted the same thimg twice.

  78. One-Winged-Angel

    Who likes my idea?

  79. One-Winged-Angel

    Did anyone hear , my idea?

  80. One-Winged-Angel

    Helloooo? Anyone?

  81. BlueMelany21

    Well, I hope Quizlet will be able to create more game for each set, it's a bit boring playing only scatter and space race...
    It's a good website and I like it though it's just a bit boring...

  82. BlueMelany21

    actully, I found this more like a chat room than a comment room...

  83. BlueMelany21

    well, there are alot of ideas that I like up there, hope Quizlet will improve a bit.

  84. Bridgette_G

    i still say we should do the corkboard!!!!

  85. ykhan98

    Okay, Troy, you have no idea what hacking is. Just stop talking, and go do something else other than whining and crying all day.

  86. ykhan98

    Ryan, there was no way you wrote that, and you even did the multi-dimension array wrong, which I doubt you'd know what that is.

  87. SkaiTheBear

    Bring back old layout and multiplayer game...

  88. TonyDagher-mazing

    multiplayer was really helpful!

  89. TheHaydenK

    Yea please put up a multiplayer game! It would be a easy way to study

  90. TheHaydenK

    *funner way to study

  91. antoine-souche PLUS

    Some will call this a rather odd suggestion but I think it's interesting to take into account:
    "RWA-Relevant Word Assistance"
    Now I'm not sure if this is a good name but let me explain (that rhymed):
    I love learning new languages and I'm currently learning Hungarian (which doesn't really resemble any other language). This can often be harder to memorize seeing as the learner doesn't have any knowledge to base himself on as far as languages are concerned. So what I do to fight this lack of concrete bases is associate the word to something that sounds similar in another language (Example : boldog is happy in Hungarian and what I do is associate a BULLDOG to happiness because those dogs always look like they're smiling :D).

    Now, concerning the way I'd implement this mechanism: I would add an option next to each side of each card (which offers you the chance to use RWA with both languages present in your set) with a "RWA" (or whatever name you guys decide suits this mechanism the best,). I'd have a window pop up with generated words similar to the word selected by the user and let him work it from there. The RWA should be adjustable so that you can search for several words to combine and associate to the word (in the case of the word being extra long).

    Hope that wasn't too open-minded or ambitious and clear enough for people to get the jest.

  92. antoine-souche PLUS

    *I apologize, I forgot to proofread and edit in my previous post, I did it now though :)*
    Some will call this a rather odd suggestion but I think it's interesting to take into account:
    "RWA-Relevant Word Assistance"
    Now I'm not sure if this is a good name but let me explain (that rhymed):
    I love learning new languages and I'm currently learning Hungarian (which doesn't really resemble any other language). Hungarian can often be harder to memorize seeing as the learner doesn't have any knowledge to base himself on as far as languages are concerned. So what I do to fight this lack of concrete bases is associate the word to something that sounds similar in another language (Example : boldog is happy in Hungarian and what I do is associate a BULLDOG to happiness because those dogs always look like they're smiling :D).
    Now, concerning the way I'd implement this mechanism: I would add an option next to both sides of each card (which offers you the chance to use RWA with both languages present in your set) with a "RWA" icon next to it (or whatever name you guys decide suits this mechanism the best,). I'd have a window pop up with generated words similar to the word selected by the user and let him work it from there. The RWA should have adjustable settings so that you can search for several words to combine and associate to the word (in the case of the word being really long).
    Hope that wasn't too ambitious and that it was clear enough for people to get the jest.

  93. Lionhead

    I'd suggest you work on some algorithm which tracks how many times someone has studied a set, and recommends the sets or words the user seems to have trouble remembering, based on his previous errors. something like spaced repetition or whatever. I sometimes make sets and forget to study them lol.
    if that's hard to implement in real life or demands too much resources, Quizlet is still pretty awesome for studying languages. it's really helped me a lot. thanks a lot.

  94. Im_a_Trolling_You

    SPACE RACE RULES!!!!!!! but it could be cooler if you had something like lasers shooting out...

  95. madi_lyn3

    I use Quizlet to study science mostly. I use all the study modes. :) Thanks for all your work Quizlet!

  96. kimpre503

    re-add discussion

  97. so_sew

    My favorite mode is "test" mode.
    Tip 1: I do learn mode once through on each of my sets in order to learn them and become familiar with the content. Then I do "test" mode combining all my sets that are going to be on the particular test that I am studying for.

    The reason I don't put all my vocabulary into one set is that -......
    Tip 2: I have found that it is easier to learn and more motivating if you break up say 200 words into multiple sets of only 20 or 30, finish learn mode than combine them in test mode.

    Tip 3: I have found that you can only combine up to 28 sets at a time. So after I learn each set and I know that all the content is right, I combine them in groups of 28 or less and make a new set. Then I can combine those groups of 28 or less again in order to get all my test content into one test in test mode.

  98. Jasonzhang2


  99. thebonz84

    the owner to be able to degrade admins

  100. HarjotDosanjh123


  101. HarjotDosanjh123


  102. flashcardguy2012

    North Carolina is the best state! #1 in Perfect!

  103. Lionhead

    by the way, you should really work out a way to delete a combination. it would be helpful

  104. headams17

    1. Just keep doing what you're doing
    3. Work on that multiplayer thang you got goin on!

  105. drazion6690

    ok, first the games could use some more interesting gameplay mecanics. second the multiplayer game sounds great, but try to also get the tron game, it would help the male population in quizlet, who are only here because thay have to study. That would bring me back, also making rewards for the constant members, like log on every day for a year, get free quizlet plus, or something. rewards are great, i just love getting rewards, and it feels like the site cares about us. not that you dont, but it would prove it! the sentence game sounds fun, but make it more real time, like people make a group and meet in a lobby, then start the game, then additonal people joining would atomatically go into spectate mode, untill the next round, but the players would create the sentences, vote, and most votes wins! then they can show off how many times they won in the lobby. the lobby would have a chat log, and the names of all the participents, and how many wins they have. ok that was a little much, but i just had the best ideas and finnally got them out, WOW! that was intense. Oh well, better get back to studying! GO QUIZLET!

  106. MarcinGryz

    I don't know if somebody reads this or not, because I've been posting this tip for X time and had no reply. So this is why I'm going to write about it once again.
    Most of us learning words probably go through Flashcards first to familliarize with the words, and the do the Learn mode or Scatter and others. Here's the trick: Th option of rejecting already memorized vocabulary in Flashcards mode. If your set of cards has e.g.50 cards and you managed to memorize 30 of them (20 left because were more difficult) so, I believe, it is pointless revising all of them. It'd be better if we could concentrate on the ones we have difficulties with memorizing them. In that way, 30 aleady memorized are rejected and the users tries to memorize the cards s/he has problems with. Like in real flashcards. If you learn some cards with words, you simply put them away and concenrate on the others. And after some time you go back to repeat the previously learnt.
    In my opinion, this would be very helpful option. Please take this tip into consideration. I also leave this tip to others to comment on...


  107. rmnelson

    thx tht is a good trick!!

  108. so_sew2

    I am seconding what drazion6690 said. I think it would be fun to have badges, patches or some sort of reward system for studying. Like for example, someone who completes 100 test and learn answers could get a badge or electronic reward. You could have a different one if someone finishes learn mode on 50 sets. You could have one for someone who gets 100% on Speller. And the list could go on and on. This would encourage people to study more to earn more badges or patches.

  109. so_sew2

    @MarcinGryz: To me the Learn mode already incorporates "getting rid of the cards you already know. Once you get to Round 2, the cards you are left with the ones you don't know or didn't answer correctly the first time.

    If you want to study only the ones you don't know, there is a screen that shows at the end of the learn mode where you can choose to start over from only a particular round which would not give you all the cards that you answered correctly in the previous round. It would only give you all the card you answered incorrectly or did not know. Additionally, learn mode helps you actually learn the material since you have to type out all the ones you don't know.

  110. MarcinGryz

    I know there is such an option in Learn Mode, but what I'm getting at is the fact that in Learn mode you have to type in the words, but if you want to go quickly through your set without typing anything, flashcards mode is the best option. In Flashcards remembered the words we already knew, we could focus on the ones we cannot memorize. That's the point. To be honest, I used many computer programs and search the Net in order to find simillar webs with flashcards and learn vocabulary. Only one of them had something simillar to what I'm writing about. Nevertheless, quizlet is the best one. And adding such an option to flashcards would only improve this fantastic website.

  111. SrijaThipirneni

    I like Quizlet because I can learn in a fun and easy way. For example, Scatter and Space Race make you think faster when having to memorize things. However, Quizlet would be more fun if you guys added more games besides scatter. Plus, personalization would be cool too. Also, it would be cool if Quizlet added sections in the middle of Flashcards to organize them. For example, let's say I want vocab and people in a different spot. I would type a vocabulary word on the "Vocab" section.

  112. MSDarkTyranny2512

    guys, their already making ideas for the new multiplayer game, you guys should look on other "Inside Quizlet" topics

  113. robertkroeger

    I'm interested in a supermemo style learning mode where you can go through the flash cards and tell Quizlet whether or not you got the answer correct and then it will show you the cards you miss more often and space out the ones you get right for long term retention.

  114. Waterlily101

    Let's say you're a teacher and all of your students have Quizlet accounts. (I'm not one, but this would be cool.) It would be cool if there was a way to assign a certain flashcard set and test the students on it, then get their scores. I think that might be a helpful feature for some people.

  115. One-Winged-Angel

    Did anyone hear my other comment? about the competitive multiplayer speller game for each set?

  116. One-Winged-Angel

    Quizlet should add that for each set so that the guy who teaches the class knows who's doing good, and who's falling behind.

  117. so_sew

    Tip 4: Another thing that I like to do is: promote Quizlet!

    I create a class and sets for each class that I am taking. Then I email the link to all my classmates. This way I will be letting those who don't know about Quizlet know about it. I also get some more people on Quizlet who are taking my class so that I can have some competition, like on the scatter and speller scores:)

  118. jacksonaw

    Ok, this one's a monster! I've been using Quizlet for a few years now, and I've come up with many techniques to help me study any subject effectively on Quizlet. Here's how:

    1) Taking advantage of the term/definition aspect of Quizlet -> The basis of
    my Quizlet technique is to make questions for myself. Since, in the "Learn"
    function, you are prompted with the definition and are expected to give the
    proper term, I put the question for myself in the definition space and its
    answer in the term space. For example, for one term, my definition will be
    "What important figure was born in 1982?" and the term would be "Sean
    Bernett." So, essentially, I use Quizlet to make practice tests for myself.

    2) Taking advantage of the properties of the "/" to make versatile lists ->
    Through experimentation with Quizlet's mechanics, I have found that objects
    in a term seperated by "/"s are valid in any order. In "Learn" mode, for a
    definition for which the term is "A/B/C," "A/B/C" is a correct answer, but
    so are "B/C/A," "C/B/A," "A/C/B," "B/A/C," and "C/A/B." I use this property
    to help me make lists for which order is not important. For example, I might
    create a question for myself, "Who are the members of your family?" for
    which the term would be "Dad/Mom/Sister". Now, when I go into learn mode,
    any permutation of "Dad/Mom/Sister" will be correct.

    3) Taking advantage of the exclusion of anything in parentheses in "Speller"
    in order to learn different aspects of a language within one Quizlet set ->
    I take Chinese in school. The Chinese language is written using characters,
    but is voiced using a tonal structure. Since Westeners have trouble with the
    tonal structure of Chinese, a method of writing down proper pronunciation of
    Chinese words has been developed, called Pinyin. Now, for my tests at
    school, I need to know the proper character, pinyin, and definition. I
    wanted to use Quizlet to test myself on all three somewhat separately,
    without having to have several sets for each lesson I was to be tested on.
    Through experimentation, I found that any items that were in parentheses
    within a term would not be read by the computer in "Speller" mode. For
    example, if the term was "Happy (day)" the computer would only read out
    "Happy." However, things in parentheses will not be ignored in learn mode.
    So, my system has been, for each term, to include the Chinese character
    followed by its pinyin in parentheses (e.g. "你(ni3)"). While I'm in speller
    mode, the computer will only ask me for the chinese character, and I can
    isolate my knowledge of that character in "Speller" mode. Then, I use learn
    mode to learn the character and its accompanying pinyin.

    4) Using "*" to bold text -> Through experimentation, I have found that any
    word surrounded by a single * (e.g. "*the*") will become boldfaced. I use
    this to emphasize certain parts of my question that are important.

    5) Using the "Override: I was right" button -> Sometimes my complex
    techniques don't quite work to perfection, and this button is indispensable.

  119. Hawkpride2K12CSG

    I honestly think that it would be a good idea to have school sections like for Hill School Of Forth Worth (my school) has a certain section for that school and admin and teachers can join that section and only teachers can post new quizlet notecard sections and students can be admitted to these class sections.

  120. stephaniewas16

    you should be able to upload audio. like music. For my humanities class we have to memorize music and learn the author, dates, etc. and memorize them as well. it would be helpful and useful if we could upload audio to help learn as well!

  121. Falcons12vb

    Another good way I study with Quizlet is taking the flashcards and printing them. Then I can practice on the way to class.

  122. Falcons12vb

    Agreed, Fredo00. That would indeed be awesome.

  123. victoriameadow

    I love using learn and matching game thingy
    the tests are also super duper

  124. eszymeczek

    Only one thing. maybe when you get a question wrong you would have to write the right one? Because I know it helps me to type/write what I don't understand

  125. SegaFan

    To be hones.... I think that it should have more games. Games are fun right, I mean who doesn't love games.....not that there's anything wrong with Scatter or the other one but...I think their should be more games.

  126. MorganO341

    That would be cool if we had more game and exciting and classic on the Uncle Sam ;)

  127. victoriameadow

    we should be able to color sort the flash cards!

  128. BlueLightning1250

    I only have one suggestion: do you guys mind doing something about the descriptions? Whenever I make a set, I usually put in the description something like, "Make sure you review Directed Readings A, B, and C," or "GUYSSSSS I DON'T PUT THE SAME TERM TWICE WITH A DIFFERENT DEFINITION TO TORTURE YOU! PLEASE UNDERSTAND! :D," or "Read the chapter. I've noticed that Mr./Mrs./Ms. (XYZ) takes questions from (ABC)."
    What makes me a bit frustrated is the fact that people at my school talk about ArdentKnight1250 (which is me. I've hidden my identity from almost half of the school even though I've made a good amount of sets.) and they complain about how they fail some tests because of my sets. And I keep telling them, "You know, looking at the description helps..." and they don't listen to me. I'm also frustrated at that because they blame ME for THEIR failures. (I mean, only I can do something about that. I just wanted to vent it out.)


    I think we should have an option to pick which games we want our sets to have. From past eavesdropping (yeah... I have to do that...) I've heard that people do Speller for vocabulary tests. And the vocabulary tests are all multiple choice with definitions, synonyms, and antonyms. Never in my school career have I seen a vocabulary test where you have to actually spell the word, and I don't think I'll see one like that ever in my life since I'm in 8th grade. I also don't think that Scatter works when trying to learn how to spell something. My friend, who is in 1st grade, used scatter for one of his spelling tests. He wasn't too happy with his grade. In short, I would like to make sure that people are utilizing the right study materials for the right things by personalizing the activities that an individual can do on each set.

    Ummm... Yeah... That's just about it. ^^ Please excuse my punctuation... My brain is fried from my first research paper...

    Anypony out there? /)

  129. One-Winged-Angel

    I know! Quizlet should change the change picture to where they could get their own profile pics off the internet. Also, they should have a way for people to post videos with each flash card in each set so they could be more specific about what they teach in their sets. Lastly, Quizlet should have the website automatically translate any words you put in a set if you are teaching someone else how to speak a foreign language, because when I try to translate words in a set I create to spanish, I have no idea how to translate the words, and I end up spending my time searching the internet for what the words mean in English.

  130. One-Winged-Angel

    Quizlet should also let people choose their profile pic when they first sign in, so we Don't get stuck with some random picture.

  131. fffggg

    me no like

  132. One-Winged-Angel

    Quizlet should also make a hyperlink option where the students studying a givin set can learn more about their givin class

  133. One-Winged-Angel

    To be more specific about that, they should let the class teachers hyperlink their flashcard sets to other websites that can let other students know more about the subject they have, therefore letting them have more knowledge overall.

  134. pgruver

    I love quizlet and have used it several years now. My students really like it. However, I have one request. I realize that you must have advertising to help this to remain a free site for us to use, but would you note the types of pictures and ads that are displayed. My fifth graders commented the other day about a picture of a girl in a T-shirt that said something about Fart Loading. I didn't see it, but the one they did show me seemed inappropriate. I hate to have to censor for this. Thanks for all you do.

  135. kylecomics101

    I love quizlet and has helped me with school SO MUCH :D But those ads. They are not appropriate enough for children that are at a 4th and under grade. Including girls dressed to show their skin.

  136. timothyso

    Quizlet rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  137. susette_malloy

    I want to be able to create sets on my phone. PLEASE DO IT NOW

  138. austinr21


  139. One-Winged-Angel

    I agree with austinr21. We should have a hangman game in quizlet. the high score is givin to the person who guesses the most words without losing. you can lose by making the whole hangman picture. if you make the whole hangman picture, you will lose a life. lose all of your lives, it is game over, making it kind of like space race.

  140. One-Winged-Angel

    They should also make a "buddy system", where users on quizlet could invite each other to be friends. when a user is friends with another user, they could invite each other to the sets one or the other users are studying, and they could compare their high scores on games like scatter and space race.

  141. RaeyaPonugoti

    on learn mode, i only say "override its right" if i spelled it wrong by one or two letters. That's how you really learn it.
    P.S. Do you have any new games you can add? I love scatter and space race, but I would like something new! :)

  142. nhabtemariam

    i think there should be more ways to study. Such as hangman or a matching game (also multiplayer games) :)

  143. Meekjesse

    That is a good idea @nhabtem ari am we should also have class disscussion and a visual whitebaord

  144. tigerissAGO

    hey!check out

  145. aocarnell

    I'd love if you guys could make folders to organize sets better, my grade has a class and there are way to many sets in one place! Also I don't know if this is possible but could you make something that could help people study for oral tests, like a record your voice and get corrections? I don't know if thats possible though :)

  146. devanjc PLUS

    You should also have multiplayer games that you can play with users in your Quizlet class

  147. devanjc PLUS

    Please also download the languages Hindu and Sinhalese

  148. josh122


  149. josh122


  150. aimee05

    Could you make Quizlet more iPad friendly? Especially with games like scatter and space race where a touch screen doesn't work as well.

  151. cbott1

    shane mooney

  152. cbott1

    Shane Mooney

  153. Tristan-miller


  154. Pubes


  155. Pubes

    Shane Mooney

  156. Italian_braggy

    Any tips for getting a good space race score

  157. Italian_braggy

    Any tips for getting a good space race score

  158. kelwin23

    I wish that I could high-five comments that people post in the discussion box like you can high-five what Quizlet staff post. I like that for groups now you can see the group members' icons on top near the class name. I wish that in classes/groups though, that you could have all of your sets organized by subject. Another suggestion I have is to make the number of new comments posted for a set on its box or link like how the number of flashcards in the set is posted in the box that takes you to that set. I think that it would be better if people couldn't curse on sets. On one site I went on, it was programmed so that if you typed a bad word, the text wouldn't send and you would get a warning. I think that it would be cooler if instead of not sending the message, Quizlet automatically changes the "bad word" to a different word. For example: "Holy mushrooms!" OR "You're a tuba." It will be more fun, and cleaner for everyone! please consider some of my suggestions!

  159. Elliewiggy

    Scatter is my Favorite, because on the run game you have to get it "Word Perfect" and its confusing

  160. okeefemeg

    I love quizlet and I think it is great but I would really like to see Multiplayer come back! It helped my class tons when we use it to study in French and although the other games are good, it is better practice to be able to write sentences and play as a class rather then individually :)

  161. ruinedfeathers

    I would love to be able to create sets in the mobile app so I don't have to log onto a computer all the time to make them.

  162. Alyus


  163. bluedomke

    I would like a multiplayer game.
    That would be cool.
    Y-O Q-U-I-Z-L-E-T.

  164. Atah


  165. annamccorkle

    <3 the pic

  166. Zaknaf1en


  167. Zaknaf1en

    6983765267898774632542354 comment

  168. coltonjchrist

    another game maybe multiplayer, but the games have gotten pretty boring.
    please read this quizlet

  169. Linda_Li

    so many comments...

  170. rkunkel

    I know right

  171. abeni888

    I really hope a Quizlet staff member reads this... PLS
    @HappyAlley I think the cork board idea is cool... You could program it so that class members and administrators would be able to post study notes and reminders, things coming up, etc. It is a great idea!!!!!!😊

  172. Blade711

    Use asterisks to input bold text

    *Like this!*

  173. Blade711

    Oh darn it didn't work

  174. HiddenTalents01

    needs more interactive games to make students more involved. me being a student I feel like this will really help.

  175. marines531

    yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  176. marines531


  177. dead_account

    also forget to subscribe.

  178. Grady_Gorgen

    i need a hack

  179. Kristopher_Lair

    I can't seem to get past four seconds on scatter 'any tips'

  180. SMS1003103

    It never workes i hate it

  181. johnhenryroenigk

    It would be awesome, if either the Quizlet team could add third/fourth columns for flashcard building or just allow users to input more than one language on either of the two columns. I don't think the interface permits one to do this and I think it would be excellent, especially for folks like myself, who are attempting to learn a third language and would like to view terms from the 1st/2nd conjoining with terms from the target language. Is this a possible addition that could get underway soon?

  182. Lawrence_Mei

    More interactive activities/games to help remember stuff

  183. Lawrence_Mei

    Not just Scatter and Space Race

  184. AaronCorella

    1,015th high five!

  185. WizzyPieHigh9

    Yea 1,018th High~fiver!!!

  186. William_Nowlin22


  187. larry_meng

    How do I turn punctuation off in Space Race?

  188. Miss-Wumbo

    Make a place where the class can communicate? Other than that, Quizlet is perfect :)

  189. Miss-Wumbo

    Oh, and also , bring back....

  190. Erinclancy2703


  191. Erinclancy2703


  192. deval25


  193. PlanktonTheKing

    Can you please remove the Copy Option when someone has made a set. My friend takes all my work and gets all the credit for it. Please make this happen!😄😄😄😄😄

  194. elepore1

    Wow... so many people commented on this.🎉Happy New Year guys!


  195. elepore1

    Wow PlanktonTheKing ur friend is really mean. He or she shouldn't even be your friend if they are just gonna use you like that. I agree, the Copy Option should be taken off.

  196. Zachary_Zehring


  197. Zachary_Zehring

    Quizlet! ;D

  198. SamiG234 GO

    Please add more test options; as in, creating your own test that could be printable with "not correct" answers and correct ones instead of the one online only 1 answer test. Also making it simpler to imput math symbols instead of scrolling through the little icon to find the power or such I'm looking for. It would be super helpful to have these changes be made, I know my teachers would appreciate quizlet more as a learning tool in there classrooms with the Test change. Thank you Quizlet!

  199. SamiG234 GO

    Hi me again, for written answers could you give an option to have the spelling for symbols not perfectly correct, like if its the question, Who was the first president? and they type in "george washington" instead of it being capitalized; now that is a really dumb example but I hope you know what I mean. Thank you Quizlet.

  200. Maggie_Rodgers7

    is there a keyboard short cut for "override I was right"?


    Three way testing would be three things that need to be matched up for example:
    the Brand name of a drug, with the generic name of the drug to the purpose of the drug......just saying.

  202. DerekHealy16

    Here's an idea for a game it's like frogger but your frogs on a lily pad instead of the old game trying to get to the end every time you get a question right your frog gets moved to the next lily pad if you get one wrong you fall into the water

  203. diananest787

    I wish you could duplicate an entire set and be able to tweak little things in he set. for example, I use this for chinese, so if I could have the terms be the characters, but have two cards for each character, with one card being pinyin and the other one for meaning. That way, I wouldn't have to enter each term card in twice. Maybe this feature exists out there and I just don't know it ><

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