It's back-to-school time. The Quizlet staff has been working hard all summer to add new features to the site.

For Quizletters who have been away all summer, here's a quick tour of what's new.

New Study Mode - SPELLER

Speller is our newest study mode where you type what you hear. It's like a traditional spelling bee, but better, because if you misspell a word Speller will show you what was incorrect and let you try again.

It works great for foreign language study, pronunciation, vocabulary, and learning how to spell difficult words. Check out our Speller FAQ post for a full description.

Audio - Now in 18 Languages!

We've added 13 more languages to our audio offerings, bringing the total to 18! In addition to English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, we now have everything from French and German to Arabic and Turkish.

Audio works with our study modes, too, like Speller, Learn, and Flashcard mode.

You can see the full list of languages at our Audio FAQ.

Improved Create Flashcards Page

Making flashcards on Quizlet just got easier and faster thanks to some changes to the Make Flashcards page.

Find our more on our Improved Create Flashcards Page blog post.

Edit Flashcards Faster

You can now edit flashcards directly from the main Flashcard page. No need to click on "edit this set" anymore for small changes.

Read a full description on our Edit Flashcards blog post.

Coming Soon...

We're continuing to work on a new multi-player study game, versions of Quizlet in additional languages, and enhanced mobile options.


  1. bhatta

    FIRST!!! like multiplayer game

  2. Anna

    Yay! Thanks Quizlet you're the best!

  3. Maplelover


  4. Ryan

    Can't wait for mobile options! You going to come up with your own mobile app?

  5. aznboy578

    thats sweet

  6. milkncookies

    luv it!!

  7. milkncookies

    luv it!! cant wait for the new game!!!

  8. Pipo

    YES! Thanks lots, Quizlet!

  9. John Graham

    Awesome! Keep it coming! You all rock!!!

  10. good job Quizlet

  11. Stacey Adkins

    PLEASE!! Give us an actual MOBILE app!!!!!!!

  12. x-claire-x

    I agree with Stacey!!! I'm sure it would benefit a TON of people if there was a mobile app!!!

  13. Cire

    A mobile version would be extremely helpful, and some new games, like drawing a line to the matching word.

  14. djhtgs

    check out flashcardlet app(iphone4) it links to quizlet

  15. Knox

    Thank you Quizlet! Please add Latin!


    luv it

  17. Jub3r7

    Multiplayer game + Latin Audio would make Quizlet 100x better.
    And for future reference, Latin isn't dead, it's immortal!

  18. Iceydude168

    Can't wait for new updates! Thanks for all the work you did during the summer!

  19. Sammie

    yay!!!!! now i can spell it right!!!! whoop de do!!!! :/

  20. aligrace373

    Can Quizlet add Spanish to the list of languages Quizlet can be translated into? I'm trying to learn Spanish and it would be REALLY helpful if I could have Quizlet in that language. Thx!

  21. runnergirl123

    quizlet, thanks a lot for making a spellng thing!!!!!!! this is going to help me so much with latin and englihs vocabulary1!!

  22. MavericksWonTheNbaFinals(:

    Yayaya! Thanks Quizlet <3

  23. Topspin

    cant wait for the multiplayer game

  24. Popcorn

    Wow! I love multiplayer!

  25. Nat

    i love Quizlet!!!!!(:

  26. aznboy578

    can you make more games

  27. aznboy578

    also what is mobile apps?

  28. Speller?! What a great idea! Love it Quizlet!!!

  29. ;D

    I hope to pass the placement test for math with Quizlet! I will get back with you with update!

  30. Anonymous :P

    OMG Multplayer! THANKS

  31. i dont know u tell me


  32. i dont know u tell me

    i hope it is good

  33. i dont know u tell me

    i also hope it is an fps

  34. i dont know u tell me

    i said hope

  35. i dont know u tell me

    although i know it isn't true

  36. Liddy

    I'm agreeing w. Knox:

    Thank you Quizlet! Please add Latin!

  37. HarryPotterRocks
  38. haley heritage

    kind of cool but i hate doing stuff like that but i love to type stuff but it is kind of cool

  39. travis

    speller roooooooooooooooooocks

  40. travis

    i think its cool

  41. Fredthelizard

    Looking forward to better mobile apps and gameplay with others! Thanks for the great content, Quizlet!

  42. Go!elfs!

    love the new editing

  43. LatinisCool

    I agree that "Latin is immortal" even though that sounds really nerdy...anywhoooooooo MULTIPLYER IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. jacobmistric

    Thanks to quizlet, this is the best way Ive ever studied for anything! THANKS!!

  45. urfather

    I love pie

  46. notafashionstatement

    seems legit. thnx ya quizlet, making studying so much easier.

  47. meetdefeat

    this website is pretty cool...ehh french should have some more games than the typing ones. ok coolio beans XD

  48. LatinisMe

    QUizlet needs Latin!

  49. inquisitive379 the spellling

  50. NeonTigerz

    i like it.... quizlet is getting better and better

  51. greengirl97

    I can't wait for mulitplayer, now my friends an I vs each other studying! I hop it comes out fast.

  52. awesomeness

    @LatinisMe, they already have latin, just not in speak it...
    I heart speller!

  53. bannanabagle

    55th! thats my IQ

  54. PS33R

    Get Call of Duty on this so i can play a actual game!

  55. Abby

    Please get Latin audio! It would be of much help!

  56. :(

    U just need an ipod nano game and ull be set! Who agrees?

  57. :(

    If u agree just put: ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. A+ Machine

    WOW, you guys have the best ideas! nice job! approximately when will it be done?

  59. :(

    A+ do u agree?

  60. iPOD nano all the way bro!

    ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a nano and cant get a touch, there are so many apps for the itouch but none for the nano. I vote yes!

  61. Nanoman

    ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! id like a nano game!

  62. Tree

    Great job on updating the site over the summer. I'm excited about the new updates, and I'll expect more as the year goes on. Keep it up!

  63. makme

    I impatiently expect the multiplayer function soon

  64. i wuvv quizlet

    how do i know if you update a site

  65. i wuvv quizlet

    answer meeee quizlet answer meeee

  66. Laurel

    thanks so much for the French!

  67. emz1234

    Thats really cool! Thanks! Yay, Quizlet's going mobile! Multiplayer... that sounds pretty good! I think that maybe you could add a game that has to do with... taking pictures of stuff maybe? That would be really cool! THANKS!

    p.s. IM 70th!!!!

  68. emz1234

    p.s. @ PS33R- Epic FAIL. Quizlet does not need Call of Duty, or whatever the crap it is called. If you want to play that game, buy it! Quizlet is a STUDY SITE, moron, and the rest of us dont want stuff like that clogging up our time.

  69. ursister

    call of duty on quizket woud be cool though

  70. Ari

    Thanks! You helped my brother ace his test by using Speller! He told his teacher, who told his classmates, and on the next next 95% of them made a 100! WOW!!

  71. Jamerri

    Love quizlet it is the best way to study for anything... including a different language ( SPANISH :})

  72. Jamerri

    i didnt mean to put question marks they were hearts form alt.3 that got changed to question

  73. Erik

    Mobile app for android plz would pay .99 cents for it!

  74. Erik

    oh btw, I LOVE QUIZLET

  75. JohnnyDevil

    The day Quizlet comes out with a free app that has the same study options (learn, space race, etc) will be the single happiest day of my academic life.

    Love you guys! Keep up the great work.

  76. bebe

    i really love math i am not good at any thing else but math and science. that is all i am good at so next time some one ask me what i think my favorite subject is i will say i love math and science and that is all.

  77. heyhayhay

    Been a member for 689 days and still my favorite way to study! Go Quizlet!

  78. Julia-Santana

    never used a website to study but this is really cool!!!!!!!!!

  79. theres an app for that!

    Please.....PLEASE make an android app!!!!! that would make me love quizlet more

  80. alohamahalo

    I really do like Quizlet; it's useful and entertaining.

    However, I am very disappointed that there is no way to communicate with my study buddies, except for the group discussions, but that is quite inconvenient. I think a great addition to Quizlet would be reinstating the private messaging system and the private forums. If we use them wisely, they could really help communication with buddies over important academic/scholarly topics. No, this is not social networking, not in the least bit. This is merely a simpler way to talk about requirement number 6 for tomorrow's research assignment.

    And, I must agree with the others; an Android application would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Quizlet.

  81. joshua Noyce

    Could you make an app for the nook color? It would be nice if it was free

  82. nucotaha

    you should add latin audio!

  83. imd

    My son used the speller for the first time today and he said it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  84. Megan

    Quizlet, you are truly the best! Your website has helped me study and do so great on my tests! Because of Quizlet I got a 100 on my Spanish Profeciency last Spring! Thank you so much!

  85. chloe456

    quizlet is great.

  86. joanna

    Quizlet definently needs more study games!
    But other than that quizlet is amazing!

  87. gummybear45

    Quizlet, the Speller option is the best thing ever! You're the best Quizlet!

  88. alyssa

    the speller is cool

  89. RJ

    awesome quizlet!! (BEST EVER!!!)
    Love the speller!

  90. go boy

    love it

  91. SoftballLover

    These New Features HAve Really Helped Me Learn Some New Words That Arent In A Normal Person My ages Dictionary!!!! I LOVE IT!!!

  92. SoftballLover

    It Is The GREATEST!!!

  93. mexicangurl5

    thanx quizlet u make hw a lot faster and funner to do

  94. MUFFINLUV777

    I LUV U QUIZLET! keep it comin'! Mobile would b awesome! I luv it

  95. ra

    Can you make more games?

  96. 100

    100th comment woot!

  97. evan


  98. 101 (Peachie58)

    101 Dalmations

  99. 102 (Peachie58)

    102 Dalmations! (No, really, that's a movie)

  100. 103 (Peachie58)

    103 Dalmations! Wait...that wasn't a movie....NEVER MIND!!! (blush)

  101. guys please troll i want some entertainment

  102. and seriously who goes to a different area and thinks about seeing quizlet and cant wait to see it

  103. bendypanda

    Please make new games!

  104. ACProject

    FSM I love Quizlet!

  105. Boyslatin

    The Speller update is a wonderful addition to the interface.

  106. kc

    Why doesn't the voice pronounce the new word with the definition? or does it?

  107. RJ


  108. Frenchie

    Gotta love the idea of multiplayer games, and thanks for the pronunciation and speller! So, any update on a mobile app?

  109. hippo

    quizlet really helps me study yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  110. Frenchyxo

    so excited 4 quizlet this fall!!! great study tool. i <3 quizlet!!!!!!!

  111. Lady Viking

    Good Job Quizlet <3

  112. jazzyluv

    wow quizlet is getting so much esier to use by the minute i bet if u all keep up the good work at this rate babies will know 4 diffrent languages!!!!! keep it up doing great!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

  113. Bobby Hill

    woot! Nice update!

  114. sgmagers

    thanks helps me pass more tests

  115. Trish

    It helps a lot!! :)

  116. melw217

    woohoo!!! best newz ever

  117. melw217

    i helps me study so much better than before

  118. woodglenwildcatsfhfreak99

    first time on site and im amazed:) cant believe how much it helps you!!!!! THNX QUIZLET!!!

  119. KZ

    i love Quizlet

  120. Vert

    Love Multiolayer

  121. pauldwrona

    when is the more mobility and other options going to be released

  122. A. girl

    That's great! Keep up the great work!

  123. adam

    im really looking forward to the multiplayer thing, then i can study with my friends

  124. megster

    speller really helps me!!!! cant wait for the multiplayer thingy like adam!!!!GO SPELLER

  125. Babygurl

    this website is awesome thank you teachers
    i luv it soooooooo much

  126. SrijaThipirneni

    Wow, it's not really back-to-school, but I want to congratulate Quizlet on being the best! Thanks, and Speller helps greatly when I ma helping my elementary-schooled brother!

  127. SrijaThipirneni

    Alohamahalo, I totallly see what you mean.

    However, I would like Quizlet to have less-limits on under 13 students.

    1. the freedom to make class
    2. the freedom to do group discussions
    3. the freedom to friend people

    Thanks! I would find these more convienient, anyway!

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