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Why IT is the next decade’s most lucrative field

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Our world is quickly becoming completely reliant on the information superhighway, which means that the future opportunities in information technology are exponentially growing. Students no longer use textbooks, they use online resources. People can purchase groceries from work instead of going to the grocery store. And companies are now completely changing the way they advertise online.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, careers in computer occupations are expected to grow 12.2% from 2018 to 2028.


What does information technology mean, anyway?

There is a common misconception that information technology (IT) is synonymous with programming. Programmers are certainly an important aspect of many companies, but they are one silo of a vast technology world. The software designed by programmers must securely operate on networks that are designed and maintained by infrastructure professionals. System administrators, network engineers, security analysts, server maintenance technicians, and database architects are a few examples of the infrastructure positions that large corporations are finding difficult to fill.

Why should I consider a field in IT?

The International Data Corporation (IDC), a trusted resource in information market technology, teamed with Cisco to release a collective report that pinpoints the need for infrastructure specialists. In this report, IDC and Cisco state that job growth in IT would be between 32-45%, depending on the region, from 2017 to 2027.


The average projected salaries are equally impressive. The average salary for an IT professional with a CompTIA Network+ certification is $65,000 a year. The average pay for someone who has earned a CompTIA Security+ certification is $73,000.

Do I need a four year degree and many years of experience to have a career in IT?

Technology changes quickly. A ‘generation’ of new technology can happen every three or four months. As a result, traditional four-year college programs are no longer the best way to allow students to take advantage of valuable infrastructure roles. Instead, many leading technology companies are now actively seeking people with certifications. offers an insightful description of this phenomenon: “We are currently preparing students for jobs that don’t exist using technologies that haven’t been invented; in order to solve problems that we don’t even know are problems yet.”

What certification should I take to start a career in IT?

There are many different vendors to choose from, and CompTIA is highly recommended. It provides certification for vendor-neutral infrastructure careers, and has also become a requirement for many IT positions. According to an article in Business News Daily, CompTIA has emerged in a large amount of job board search results. This means individuals with the CompTIA certification are highly sought after.


What are the different types of CompTIA exams?

The CompTIA A+ exam has emerged as a powerhouse certification in the IT world for numerous reasons. The A+ exam is vendor-neutral, often described as an exam that is “ten miles wide and two inches deep”. This means the test covers a broad range of topics, including: computer hardware, networking fundamentals, troubleshooting basics, and familiarity with operating systems

CompTIA has also emerged as a leading certification vendor because it maps advancement opportunities for a multitude of experience levels. The company consistently updates its roadmap of certifications that offer career advancement opportunities. This roadmap offers insight to IT professionals at all levels.


Above: An example of the IT certification roadmap for different careers and advancement

If we take a closer look at the IT Certification Roadmap, you can see that every career path has a concrete foundation in the CompTIA A+. From information security to IT management, CompTIA is a bridge to meet the demands of a flourishing field.

The IT industry sounds exciting. How do I prepare for the CompTIA exams?

There are many resources available, including Quizlet prep packs. These provide future IT professionals online flashcards, learning tools and gamification options to help grasp the crucial IT concepts.

Users also have the option to use the free content created by other students, but the CompTIA prep packs have content created by experts.

There is a need for infrastructure professionals, and an exciting career in IT awaits. Take the first step today. Check out Quizlet’s CompTIA prep packs!