I'm so relieved to have finally sent my Davidson scholarship application. It was a lot more work than I thought it would be...The UPS package I shipped contained 43 pages of juicy Quizlet secrets and documentation, plus a ~10 minute video of me prattling on about Quizlet. But that's not all - each one of those items was sent in triplicate. So I actually sent 129 pages and 3 DVDs. Pheww. I hope it was all worth it!

But because I can never resist working on Quizlet, even in the face of interminable application papers, I have managed to silently release the following features over the past week:

  • Quizlet now works for school or home environments that were having trouble with users being logged on across multiple computers. It seems like there was some content caching at the user router level which I have now prevented.
  • Scatter now works in old versions of Firefox (1.0.x). But I recommend upgrading to the latest version of Firefox at firefox.com.

There might have been some other things too, but I forget :)

Oh, and pretty soon I'll have that sweet video of me explaining Quizlet online. Stay tuned for that and the next State of The Quizlet. Later!

== Update: Sorry, comments are back.


  1. go bradley

  2. katieluvsquizlet

    You will DEFINATLY get into any college you want with this website! You're a GENIUS!

  3. queenpug1

    you know what i dont get, why is it that im the 3rd person to comment on this when its from 2007 and its a big thing for bradely

  4. Presz


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