I was browsing the database statistics this evening and noticed that there are now more than 20,000 discussion messages logged in the database. That's very surprising, considering there have only been 4,300 sets created. So I dug a little further and discovered 3 sets with over 3,000 messages each. Hubbaduhwah? That's mindblowing. The current system places every message ever written onto set/group page, and with 3000 messages the page takes forever to load and everything gets a little balky. I haven't decided whether I should leave this as punishment to the people who are turning Quizlet into their own chat room, or to make it only show a certain number of messages and then a link to an archive. We'll see :)

Also, 2,200 private messages have been sent since their introduction 13 days ago. Yowsa.

I think I'm becoming a stats junkie. I also think that despite my best efforts, I've created a bonafide social network. Well, that probably isn't so bad. Just don't come asking me for profile pics. The answer is no!

Lastly, I'll leave you with a screenshot of the new Scatter game, which I've managed to "widgetize", and so it will be embeddable in your own blogs and whatnot. I have a whole bunch of tasty new features coming up on Quizlet in its next update, but I've decided I shouldn't keep listing them all in case I don't manage to make them all. Here she is, embedded in a local copy of a site I made once.



  1. Neil Kelty

    Well, bring on the social network! That scatter embed is going to be a pretty sweet feature - looking forward to seeing how the community adopts. Over 6K users - very nicely done!

  2. Julian Schrader

    Profile pics — why not? ;-)

  3. Nik

    I agree with Neil Kelty and Julian Schrader. Frankly, one of Quizlet's strengths is the community. Of course, we can't have socializing take over the real purpose of learning, but I don't see anything wrong with each user actually being a user.

    3,000 messages for a set is crazy, though.

  4. Nik

    Should read: "...I don’t see anything wrong with each user actually being a person."

    Of course each user is a user.

  5. Clara

    I agree with Nik.

  6. Pyotr

    Heh, I like your little soliloquy there.

    ...sweet, my vocabulary is already stellar. :P

  7. AmbushCommander

    Part of what's contributing to the inflated discussion counts, I think, is the fact that edits (by default) add a comment. I racked up about 40 before I realized that I could stop the "logging".

  8. jeanyus

    I know this isn't the blog for it, but i have a question. I'm taking multiple test but yet it is not showing that I am taking any more. Am I just doing something wrong>?

  9. oh... come on! give up this widget early!

    I wanna try it out on my website!

  10. Neil Kelty

    jeanyus: Only your "studies" made in Learn Mode are counted toward the total I'm assuming you are talking about. There isn't really a way to track the other modes - at least I think that's how Andrew has it set up.

  11. Clara

    I dont like doing homework. It is SO boring... :-(

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  13. Timoty

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  14. Tima

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  15. occackoubader

    Make peace, not war!

  16. snm0309

    the blog its so cool,and quizlet has made MSITA(computer) homework and study guides and vocabulary less stressfull. Thank u quizlet team. :)

  17. siberionhusky

    yea we are :)
    I wish thier was a way to do a smiley face with a tong

  18. alexdavis3rd

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  19. alexdavis3rd

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  20. Joy__Wells

    103rd High Five!

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