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Your best ideas for surviving [and thriving!] in online classes during COVID-19

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These are strange and scary times for everyone. With the COVID-19 pandemic growing, schools around the world are figuring out how to keep students both protected from the virus, and still engaged in learning. As a result, once thriving campuses are now empty, as entire schools move to online learning.

For many students, online learning is new, different and challenging. But for others, their education has been online for years, either because they attend an online school or program, or because they choose to take some of their courses online for cost savings or efficiency’s sake. If you’ve been thriving in an online learning environment, we want to hear from you.

What are the best tips, tricks and ideas for success when learning at home?

How do you stay motivated?

What does connecting with other students look like?

And how do you differentiate class time (in front of the computer) from Netflix time (also in front of that same screen)?

Share your best tips, resources and ideas in the comments below or in this Google form and we’ll compile them and share the best ones out next week. In the meantime, we’re thinking good thoughts for everyone on staying safe, staying connected and staying engaged with what they’re learning, no matter where that is.

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  1. SamuelRB6

    Just a little idea for staying motivated with online work where you need initiative to do what you need to do: set "mile markers" for your self, such as, "I will eat lunch when I finish..." you fill in the blanks. Another thing is that, if you don't get what needs to happen done then you will fall behind, and nobody enjoys the pressure that comes with that. Thank you for your time!

  2. Timothy2007 PLUS

    I am home-schooled and I am used to being in online classes. It is very helpful to set lists and check off things you need to do one by one. And if the Netflix app distracts you, simply delete it!

  3. HannahCharisJust

    Same time, same place, every day. Just like you are going to class. Go up to your desk. If you are studying in a bedroom, make you bed. I know this sounds crazy, but it will actually help you concentrate.
    Learn to say 'no.'
    Respect your time. No one else will.

  4. studyZT

    School is currently shut down right now due to the coronavirus pandemic and online classes are pretty overwhelming with all of my teaches sending me a lot of work per class and I made a list of everything and when it is due so I prioritize when I should do everything. It also helps to eat a little snack while you do work.

  5. Sith_Warrior


  6. Harshi_Gowni

    Attend some free classes first to get the feel of how the process works. After you get used to them, dive deeper.

  7. maya7869

    I often set myself a realistic checklist of what I need to accomplish - either in a day, a weekend or even a week.
    I also think it's important not to overwork yourself - taking breaks when you need and finishing at a decent time, etc.
    I also like to listen to ASMR or music with no words to create a sense of white noise around me as I find it helps me concentrate.

  8. dpav006


  9. ta1ie

    use your school schedule like normal just instead of going to classes, sit at your desk for the allocated time. e.g if i had a lesson at 9:00am then i would sit on my desk and do that work until the lesson finished (10:00am) and then take breaks like usual

  10. PandaShyness

    So the school I am in is North Star Academy and they might be doing some online schooling due to the COVID 19 and we are probably going to use Schoology because it works good and we use it a lot at school! the school might shut down next week, which is actually most schools are shutting down and some of the kids at our school are just like " Yay a break from school FINALLY!" but the teachers are thinking online schooling, which I think is a good idea because then us students are going to gain knowledge and not just do no school. My math teacher was already making math assignments on Schoology, just in case there is NO school next week and me and my family are all packed with a whole bunch of food and water and toilet paper and stuff like that . Anyways, this virus is changing many things like schools shutting down for example. Anyways, this is all I have to say for you all! Please wash your hands and stay safe and follow the healthy rule!

  11. eviegeorgoulias

    When you do online school, it can help to work in a different room than you use for other things. For example, doing your work in your bedroom might not be ideal, so rather do it in the dining room or another quet place without distractions. If you can't find any other place to do your work, make sure you have a clean spot in your bedroom where you can stay focused. Another thing that helps me is because I am at home with my parents, who also has to work at home, I do school in my dad's office with him. It helps to do this because we are both working quietly and can't watch YouTube, Netflix, of Disney plus. In a weird way we both hold each other accountable to being productive. I also set personal goals and give myself short breaks and rewards like lunch or a mini dance party in my room once I've finished math, science, or another classes work.

  12. Knoglinger_Amelie

    I would study every day for one hour on quizlet if it would be better

  13. SenoritaMcMahon TEACHER

    Just curious, is there any talk of making Quizlet Teacher free for a month or two, or at least billable monthly rather than all in one payment, for teachers whose schools are closed and would like to monitor student progress but don't have the funds to pay for an annual subscription?

  14. akmhernandez13 PLUS

    Since my campus will still be open I will be staying there during the week and be going to the library during my normal class times. I have to be on campus for my cycling class on Tuesday anyway.

  15. vero_314159

    1. Prioritize. Make a checklist and order the assignments by due date and importance.
    2. Use an agenda. Maintain organization to help plan.
    3. Find a place to work. Look for a location that is comfortable, but not too comfortable. It should be clean and quiet. Keep your phone away or on silent, unless you need it to do Quizlet :)
    4. Keep track of time. Set rough schedules and allocate time to each assignment or course.
    5. Close tabs. The internet is extremely distracting. Close unnecessary tabs and don't hop on social media while working. Act as if you are in school - be focused!
    6. Work when you are at your best. Morning person? Maybe work your way through most of your studies during the AM hours. Ensure you are still getting good sleep though!
    7. Plan breaks. Ensure to schedule breaks in between each online assignment to get away from the screen.
    8. Reward yourself. After all of this, you deserve a reward! Maybe eat a snack after every few assignments. This will keep you motiv

  16. vero_314159

    -ated! Sorry the last word was cut off!

    Also, stay safe and healthy! Enjoy your studies and your education, and hope for the best in the coming months!
    ♥ vero_314159

  17. arjun_davis

    I always caught myself jumping onto fb or netflix mid study session. Use an app that controls your website access or screentime. Helped my productivity loads. e.g. coldturkey etc

  18. patariisi

    google calendar is a great way to schedule the day and stay on track.

  19. EllenAndresen TEACHER

    Our Schools in Norway are closed, and students work from home. At my school, we're to follow the usual schedule, and I'm scheduling quizlets to start off the sessions.

  20. charlotte5868

    I make a list each day of the tasks that need to be done. Most of my school work for the next two weeks is up on google classroom so its very easy to check what I have to do and when it has to be done for. I would recommend that you try vary your study or memorizing methods as it will get boring overtime. I would also try and do some work everyday so that you can get used to thought of doing work at home for the next couple of weeks or even longer depending on where you are. Try and avoid distractions and stay focused on the task at hand.

  21. TeacherNives

    I recently made a video for my students about how to plan their study and habits and well being. Here is the link
    Although I've been teaching online since 2012 the current LOCKDOWN situation in Italy has created a whole new approach to creating lessons online. It's not just about flipped learning or live lessons, it's also about BEING THERE for students, helping them cope with being away from their 'routine' and classmates.
    With some of our teachers making their own flipped leaning videos, adding announcements in the Google Classroom (GsuiteEdu), sending emails and texting on Chat has made all the difference. We are there with them every step of the way even if we are working 2-3 times more!

  22. eporter201

    Using Google Classroom, Quizlet, Khan Academy, and Crash Course in addition to my textbooks and old notes will help a lot in the absence of a teacher. (I just went through and made my AP US History set public for peers who might use it. )

    My advice (to myself as well as others) is to
    1) stay connected (at least online or over phone) with peers and classmates; though if you get distracted easily, set aside a couple hours to NOT be on your phone too.
    2) remember that you can do it; just take the assignments one at a time, plan/schedule, and don't be afraid to reach out for help
    3) get enough nutrition and sleep, and don't forget to wash your hands.

  23. NickNelly28

    Use screen time to manage apps or websites that you don't want to visit

  24. dominique_williams5

    I log in to elearn every day to each for any updates and grades from my teachers. I do a checklist for assignments and have a calendar for due dates. I do divide my workup for each assignment from morning to evening and in between take breaks and/or take my children or clean. I don't worry about watching TV because it's an award for a break later. I also feel more focus when I eliminate TV and things like social media until I take a break.

  25. NasilKang

    ㅅ ㅂ

  26. shalomjackie27


  27. goalkeep06

    Ohhh.... online for me

  28. fantasticSwaggy_P

    I wish COVID-19 would just go away already. I miss my friends! 😩😩😷😷

  29. Joeruiz04

    very nice

  30. cashismything5

    Every body is safe from corona virus right

  31. beforewhatever

    I love online schooling and have been doing it for years! My tip is that if you get tired you can totally do the rest of your school another time of the day ( if your classes are designed so you can do that ). Sometimes when I get tired and need a break I'll stop my school and go do something else, and then in the evening finish it. In most ways it make you more productive, but make sure you have the motivation to actually finish it.

  32. i_eats_pie

    I luv homeschooling q(≧▽≦q)

  33. leoleblanc

    Great!!! Let's work now !!!

  34. Marwah_Tarakey

    School is canceled for 4 weeks!!!! I will make quizlets for AP HUMAN GEOGRAPHY!!! JOIN MY CLASSES!!!

  35. gracenavarro24

    Just make sure everybody stays safe, clean, and healthy! Let's stay focused and organized, as well as making sure to keep up with our school work. Do good, and have a great 4 weeks off (even though it will most likely be a little longer than just 4 weeks)!!!

  36. tiny_snowflake

    I think being comfortable, but having a set schedule helps to get in the mindset for online.

  37. katie13n5

    I am homeschooled, so Covid-19 won't affect me. My program, Edgenuity, is helping other schools who has shut down help them with school.
    I really wish the virus would go away. I wish everything would go back to normal. Some teams in my volleyball league backed out because of the virus, and one of the teams was a really good team!

    But, there is no need to panic because of the virus.
    Just be sure to wash your hands after you shake someone's hand, cough on your hand, or do anything dirty with your hands!
    Just keep that clean personal hygiene you have been taught since you were in preschool, and you'll be safe. If you get it, you get it, but a chance that a child or teen will get it is not as likely as an older person getting it, but it doesn't mean you can't stay clean.

    Hope you all have a great, safe, clean day!

  38. himynameishd2

    Being homeschooled, it is pretty hard to keep focused, especially if you have A.D.H.D/A.D.D. it gets tough sometimes and i understand fully, i foudn out that what works for me is called the pomodoro technique, and it was suggested to me by my teacher. ITs basically where you set a timer for 20 minutes, pick a thing that will take longer, like a test or project, etc. then work on it for 20 minutes, after those 20 minutes, take a 5 minute break. After you repeat working for 20 minutes 2 more times, oyu can take a 20 minute break, a longer one do destress and things. Another way that i seem to find that helps me, is if you have a bunch of smaller things, like (what my school calls them) quick checks, then set a stack of a type of candy, or sweet, or something you weally like next to you, so that every time you look over and you want one, you then finish the thing you are working on, and then you get to basically reward yourself. Ive found that these 2 techniques reaally helped me! thanks!

  39. himynameishd2

    Also another thing i have (ran out of space on that last one) is that if you dont have motivation to do soemthing, then go do something that you know you are good at, like a video game, or art, then when you win a game, you have motivation to win another, well instead of winning another gam, take that motivation and put it towards something schoolwork wise, i saw that motivation can be carried over into things, so give yourself motivation then use it on something important.

  40. mkolagunju TEACHER

    Covid - 19 has actually helped us all to realise how powerful technology can be. I think this pandemic will actually spark a revolution in the way people learn. I have been running online group lessons at AIr Maths Tuition for months now and I'm glad that people are finally seeing the value in what we are delivering!

  41. bdelrio_7

    Online classes are very overwhelming teachers sending you a bunch of email and it feels like more work than usual hopefully this works.

  42. GraceMiller220ahaha

    I have extended spring break I need to find of all subjects I'm probably gonna do more than my entire school on here :)

  43. bby_lxon

    My spring break is literally extended and I have online classes for the rest of my school year. It's my first time having online classes so thank you for those who put out those great tips. They're gonna be so helpful for me :)

  44. TheAtalia1234

    Reward yourself! It's a good way to stay motivated and to get some stuff ; D

  45. TheAtalia1234

    Oh and make a class on Quizlet. It helps a lot.

  46. fionasulaxxx1

    My school is not closed yet so online classes isn't used yet.

  47. Moleyfly

    If you listen to music while studying, always listen to music without words (such as film scores). So much less distracting – and make long playlists rather than searching the internet for each new song. Listening to theme/soundtrack music always motivates me when doing maths! Also, if your headphones are plugged into your computer, it's less easy to leave your desk... chained to the desk! ;)

  48. Robert_Riegler6

    It would be great if Quizlet could make Quizlet for Teachers free for the next couple of months. I think that would be a big help for all the teachers out there in these really difficult times. Here in Austria some of the publishing companies for schoolbooks grant free access to their additional materials. I wish all the teachers out there all the best!

  49. Eatmydust1010

    Also, wash your hands a lot.

    No really... a lot!

  50. MarcusJV

    Use add-ons such as Forest to blacklist websites that are distracting. Listen to music (preferably without lyrics) that can make you focus. Keep any devices away from you and turned off like your phone. You should know that the hardest thing with online learning is focus and not procrastinating.

  51. chicken1306

    Have a plan for what you want accomplished and with times. Like, by noon I will have this assignment done. By three, I will be done with that assignment. Also, vary what you are doing. Don't attempt to do all of your math in one day. Do a Social Studies assignment, and ELA assignment, Math, and some Science, or whatever classes you have. That way you don't burn out. Delete Netflix off the device you use for schoolwork. Have one device (phone, TV, etc) for entertainment and one for work (Laptop, computer, etc). Keep your entertainment device out of the room you work in. Find a quiet place to work. If one of your parents works from home they might let you do your work in their office space. (This keeps your siblings away from you.) Have working hours. I work from 10 to 4, with a break for lunch. That way you still have a somewhat structured schedule. Listen to music if you do at school. If you don't listen to music at school or when your doing homework, don't listen to music.

  52. chicken1306

    Ran out of space: Do your work for your classes in the order you have those classes. Like, Math, then ELA, then Science if you have Math first period, then ElA second, and so on and so forth. Try to keep everything as normal and structured as possible.

  53. Mack_Rogers2

    I am home schooled and I make myself a routine, doing certain subjects (usually big ones first), but as many others have said, setting mile-markers is the best idea.

  54. eviegeorgoulias

    More tips:
    1. Pretend your at school. Turn off your phone and unless you ABSOLUTEY need it for something, don't use it at all. I find that using my computer rather than motivates me because its less distracting and it help me focus better.
    2. Make sure your working in a quiet, cozy environment, but also one that's not to cozy or it can lose its function and serve more as a chill-out environment. Working in the same room as others helps me (such as a sister or brother), as long as they are also working and learning. The space you work in is really important for your motivation (I also have rules, such as if i am working at my bed, I ensure it is made so I know it's time to do work, not sleep or go on my phone)
    3. Take breaks in between studies until you are done. You can use this technique as motivation also.
    4. Make sure you use as much structure as possible for productivity.
    Stay safe and healthy :)

  55. iloveharrypotterr

    Just try to stay comfortable.😂

  56. Geovle TEACHER

    We used Quizlet online today with 2 sick boys who were in isolation. They loved it!

  57. willbryn

    Should I be scared of the Corona?
    Because I am...😩

  58. M4RK1E

    For anyone that is reading this no matter where you are from i think it is important that you change the way you approach your daily lives as all this " im just going about my normal day" non sense is really one of the reasons this virus is spreading at the rate it is. i think quizlet is a really good way to adapt to the changes that have taken or will be taking place at your schools. my school has closed today and will be for the next month at least. we have been given a timetable for what subjects we will have to study and for how long. as well as this we will be set daily tasks that we have to complete. i found this very helpful so i would advise having something specific in mind when it comes to continuing your learning. my overall advice for learning from home would be to set yourself goals and targets and most importantly reward yourself at the end of it. like with homework ive always had the approach that you should set yourself a goal not a time. Good luck to everyone!!!

  59. caden-becker

    Something that really helps to me is quiet. I really enjoy it when it is quiet because it is easier to work on work. But what else also helps for me is music. If I have music, it helps me stay motivated without a Netflix or Amazon distraction that let's face it, distracts us all some way. Also, take notes. Notes are very important to refer back to when you are lost, and if you are confused, email the teacher or use Quizlets to help you study a concept or an idea.

  60. Jjboys1230

    Always wash your hands
    No need to be scared 😱 of corona virus 🦠

  61. Jjboys1230

    And focus on your studies
    Good luck 🍀
    And Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone

  62. sofiatorresdey2007

    just stay calm take breaks every single time your done with at least half of your work turn your PHONE OFF and stay healthy EAT SOMETHING hEaLtHy and that's all I got

  63. bxla_adore

    I recommend Google calendar, it's really well laid out, and if you also use google classroom you can sync them up together. x

  64. WOS2001038



    Yeah, my school just announced we will be virtual for the time being.

  66. wagnersmj

    Some tips to online-students:

    1) Dedicate a time to study every day;
    2) Select a quiet place or no sound ambience;
    3) Turn-off the smartphone or distractions like as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp;
    4) Remember, it depends from you;

    Good studies for everyone! :)

  67. RadAshley PLUS

    What I like to do, is set mile markers for myself. When making flashcards I'll tell myself: okay, 30 slides a day, I should be done with the Power point in 2 days. Set the goal, and don't stop until you reach it. Once you reach the goal, you set a new one. "If I study 4 Quizlet sets a day, and repeat daily, I'll recall more by the test on Wednesday" Studies show that the more you visit a topic and study it, the more you will retain the information. Make sure to schedule times to eat and relax, and study, otherwise you'll end up relaxing while watching TV and "studying" with a bag of popcorn, which is not a good idea. Also, don't forget to test yourself! I love Quizlet because You can test, learn, write and use regular flashcards.

  68. TheTrueBlueNehemite

    If you can sleep anywhere, don't sit on a couch or a bed or the floor.

  69. LF_Clark

    A motivation for me is keeping my grades and GPA up. Like many of you have said, make goals and lists to make sure your work is done in time. Also, I'm a homeschooler so I'm used to this. Now, everyone gets to be a homeschooler! And thanks Laura! :)

  70. lovepuppies4556

    For me, it helps to use fun pens and highlighters. When you are looking at something that is boring or studying a plain piece of paper, spice it up a little bit! It will help you stay focused and remember things better. Also, I totally agree with the snacks!!!!

  71. HamsterGirl44

    Give students powtoons to motivate them!

  72. firebreather33

    Thanks for the post!

  73. awesomeBibleQuizzer

    I am homeschooled and I also take online classes. My best tip would be don't procrastinate. I do it way too much.

  74. jaclynhussey

    yeah, i do online classes, i would say just do it lol

  75. Bonita_Chokdee

    Students: if you wanna graduate high school do your homework.

  76. john-rybka PLUS

    Set up what you want to accomplish at the beginning of the day then figure out the most effective method to get everything done. Take a 5-minute break every 30 minutes and a longer break after 2-3 hrs. Make sure you engage a different part of your brain (i.e. go on a walk, talk with someone, or play a game) move on to a different topic when you come back for at least 1 hr. Work with a progressive system, such as accomplishing the easier or most time-sensitive assignments first then moving on to the harder or less urgent stuff later.

  77. Mayson_LunaMinty

    thank you!

  78. MrLakeShow23

    Make sure you keep up, or, better yet, get ahead of the game. If you fall behind, it will be very bad for you.

  79. rangitewhiu

    This is interesting communications that have been uploaded. Because we are in a state where we are going fully online one thing you need to do is 2) be planned, b) know which platform you are using c) teach everything is small achievable chunks d) breaks for you (teacher) and the students is key.

  80. Vall-R-E

    I think a lot of the people here have great ideas for how to survive online schooling:

    -Make a work plan.
    -Set yourself up in a quiet place to work. Ensure that you are comfortable and that there are no distractions.
    -Take frequent breaks while you work (just make sure work time is WORK time).
    -And don't fall behind in your assignments: work AHEAD!

    I have been schooled online for several years, with online classes, quizzes, and assignments, and I can confirm all these tips as a great way to be a successful student. I skip these steps far too often, and my grade suffers because of it. (My greatest enemy is Distraction.) 😐

    So FIGHT to WIN.
    And good luck!

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