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add access sharing programatically to an object
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in date modeling, standard object which cannot be used as a master in a master-detail relationshipUser objectin data modeling, programmatic tool that always run when data import tool is used.triggersin date modeling, type of relationship where the child is an external object and the parent is a standard or custom object.indirect lookup relationshipin data modeling, which standard objects can use the roll up summaries? (3)Opportunity - opportunity productsAccount - opportunitiesCampaign - campaign membersEnable this option in sharing settings to give permission to edit junction object if they have read access in the master detail objectsread onlyapex method in Schema class that can be used to return info about the standard and custom apps available to the running user.Schema.Describe TabSetResult[] r = Schema.describe Tabs();you can use this apex method to create a similar sobjectgetSObjectType()if an org uses multiple currencies, this record in the relationship determines the currency of the roll up summary fieldmaster recordapex method only valid in integer fields that returns the max numer of digits specified for the fielduse the getDigits() method of the DescribeFieldResult Classin modeling and management, This formula's inclusion prevents the value from being calculated in a roll-up summary field. (2)cross object references or dynamic valuesin modeling and management, Scope of ID fields that can be used to match records from an import file existing records in salesforce (2)External ID & Salesforce IDin modeling and management, Relationship that links a child standard, custom or external object to a parent external object.external lookupin modeling and management, apex method that can be used to return a map of all sObjects names (keys) to sObject tokens (values) for the standard and custom objects defined in an org.getGlobalDescribe();in modeling and management, type of relationship field that can be used to link a child external object to a parent standard or custom object in salesforce, such as Account object.indirect lookupin modeling and management, field that can pull data from a record even if the user does not have access to it.cross object formula fieldin modeling and management, apex method to obtain information on a fieldgetDescribe;In modeling and management, relationships that are not available on the User objectlookup and master detail relationshipIn modeling and management, apex class and method that returns true if the object can be deleted by the current user, false otherwiseDescribeSObjectResult & isDeletableIn modeling and management, apex class and method that returns a map that matches developer names ot their associated record typeDescribeSObjectResult & getRecordTypeInfosByDeveloperNameIn modeling and management, in a master deatil relationship between standard and custom objects, this type of relationship is always assigned to the standard objectmaster recordin process automation and logic, What kind of distribution do the results take when they are returned in SOSL query limitations if a limit keyboard is set to the whole query? Limits can also set per individual object.evenly distributed among all objectin process automation and logic, programmatic tool that can be used to perform a validation logic when a record is deleted, and prevent the deletion if the records does not pass apex triggerin process automation and logic, the default sharing setting for apex classeswithout sharingin process automation and logic, What kind of apex block is it that the apex code executes in "Current User" mode rather than "System Mode"?Anonymous apex blocksin process automation and logic, Optional clause that can ben added to a SOSL query to specify the information returned in the text search result.RETURNINGin process automation and logic, In Salesforce, some standard objects do not support DML operations but can still be queried. Examples of these standard objects (2)Profile & Record Typein process automation and logic, what are escalation rules used for? When this rule runs, which standard object is processed?escalation rules are used for automated escalation of Cases upon meeting a certain criteriain process automation and logic, What are assignment rules are used for? Two standard objects are processedAre used for automatically assigning a case or lead to an ownerin process automation and logic, Declarative tool that can be used for submitting a record for approval and update child records.process builderin salesforce fundamentals, This tools cannot be configured to run periodically at fixed timings or intervals. Declarative tools (2) Programmatic tools (1)process builder, workflow rules, and triggersin salesforce fundamentals, when do only Processes and workflows start when records?when records are changedin salesforce fundamentals, what is the advantage of having metadata separated in a special layer in a org?easy upgradesin process automation and logic, declarative tools that can update related records including child records (2)flow builder and process builderin process automation and logic, another channel that a user can receive approval requests notifications (not email)chatterin process automation and logic, wildcards supported by the LIKE operator% matches zero or more characters_ matches exactly one characterin process automation and logic, keyword that prevents an instance variable from being transmitted as part of the view state of a visualforce page, helping to keep the heap size lowtransientin process automation and logic, Exceptions. This method is used to return the cause of the exception as an exceptiongetCausein process automation and logic, Triggers. Standard objects (3) where a trigger cannot be created via Salesforce user interfaceAttachmentContentDocumentNotein process automation and logic, triggers and workflows. Declarative tool where a field is updated, the 'before update' & 'after update' triggers run againworkflow rulein process automation and logic, this visualforce tag is used to display all messages that are generated for all components on the current page including error messagesapex:pageMessagesin process automation and logic, when an execution of post-commit logic runs in the Order of execution?when all DML operations are committed to the dbprocess automation and logic, triggers. Context variable that returns true or false if any code inside the trigger context is executingisExecutingprocess automation and logic, Exceptions. why rethrowing a caught exception is useful?to delegate to another methodprocess automation and logic, Governor limits. the total number of records that can be retireved by a SOQL query in a single transaction50,000process automation and logic. why workflow rules can cause to the org exceeds its limit for workflow time triggers per hour?Because can create recursive loopsprocess automation and logic. Characters that can be used to add filter logic when querying multi select picklist fields in a SOQL query.semicolon is AND comma is ORprocess automation and logic, visualforce XSS attack. what feature has Salsforce implemented to screen out harmful characters in most output methods.filtersprocess automation and logic. what is the value which all class member and method apex variables initialize?null. Before using variables, initialize themprocess automation and logic, triggers. cascading triggers context with respect to governor limitsrun in the same executionprocess automation and logic, the save order of execution. from 'after update' triggers up to 'processes''after update' triggers -> assignment rules -> escalation rules -> processesprocess automation and logic, How to prevent SOQL injection regarding check values in apexcheckin with an allowlistingprocess automation and logic, in the save order execution, what runs after escalation rules?escalation rules -> entitlement rules -> roll up summaryprocess automation and logic, SOQL for loop. they can be configured to process records in batches by assignning a ... variable to store the query results or one record at time by assigning a ... variable.List, single sObjectteting, debugging and deployment, code coverage is computed for each class and trigger ... and is different than the overall coverage percentageindividualytesting, debugging and deployment. the suite manager ... used to skip code coverage. Code coverage can be ... during a new test run.cannot be, skippedtesting, debugging and deployment. test can be run in ... button in the apex test ... page in setupRun All Test, executiontesting, debugging and deployment. the use of @TestVisible annotation allows test methods to access ... or ... members of another class outside the test class.private or protectedfor deployment to a production org that runs on API verstion 33, all ... in the org are run by default except test that come from installed ...however for API version 34 and above, no test are run by default if the packages does not contain any ... or ...local tests, managed packages, apex class or triggerprocess automation and logic. salesforce does not implement built-in ... protection in js code that is included using the apex:includeScriptxssto decryp an aes encrypted blob, the Crypto....() method can be used. This method returns a ... value and has four arguments: the ... name, the private key, the initialization ... used and the data encrypted.decrypt, blob, algorithm, vector