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Dynatrace :: Become a Jedi Master :: updated April 2022

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- Advanced settings
:: Content resource settings, Monitoring exclusions
JavaScript library settings, Cookie and header settings, Advanced JavaScript tag settings
Advanced event handlers, Reset settings
- Content resource settings
:: Send W3C resource timing metrics for each resource file (on/off)
- Configure thresholds for top findings
- Exclude/Include IP addresses from monitoring
:: These are the only IP addresses that should be monitored (on/off)
- Exclude XHR requests from monitoring
:: Specify a regular expression to match all URLs that should be excluded from becoming XHR actions./
- Exclude/Include browsers from monitoring
:: Add browser exclusion rule
- JavaScript library
:: Specify location for JavaScript library file: (server path/)
:: Specify path where JavaScript tag should send monitoring data: (url path)
:: Custom configuration properties (key value pars)
:: Request path ID settings
- Cookie and header settings
:: Use the Secure cookie attribute for cookies set by Dynatrace (on/off)
:: SameSite cookie attribute (Not Set, None, Lax, Strict)
:: Optimize the value of cache control headers for use with Dynatrace real user monitoring (on/off)
- Real User Monitoring for AWS Lambda Functions (enter a regular expression)
- Advanced JavaScript tag settings
:: Enable instrumentation of unsupported Ajax frameworks (on/off)
:: Special characters to escape (additional special characters)
:: Max. character length for action names (xx chars)
:: Max. number of errors to be captured per page (qtd error numbers)
:: Set alternative for data-dtname (For example: aria-abel)
- Additional event handlers and wrappers
:: Use mouseup event for clicks, Click event handler, Mouseup event, Blur event, Change event, toString method
:: Max. number of DOM nodes to instrument (xxxx)
- Wrappers for addEventListener and attachEvent
:: Click, MouseUP, Change, Blur, TouchStart & TouchEnd, (ALL on/off)
:: Global event capture (MouseUp, MouseDown, Click, Doubleclick, KeyUp, KeyDown & Scrool (ALL on/off)
:: Additional events to be captured globally as user input: (For example, dragstart, dragend)
- Reset settings