Earth Systems

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EvaporationThe change of state from a liquid to a gasPrecipitationAny form of water that falls from clouds and reaches Earth's surface.TerrariumAn enclosure, usually transparent, with a layer of dirt in the bottom in which plants are kept indoors.Geosphereall the rocks, soils, sediment that make up Earth's land.AtmosphereAll the gases that surround Earth.HydrosphereAll the oceans, rivers, lakes and water on Earth.Biosphereall the living things on Earth.Water cycleThe continuous process by which water moves from Earth's surface to the atmosphere and backGroundwaterWater that exists under Earth's surfaceSurface waterWater that collects on the surface of the groundRunoffPrecipitation that neither absorbs into the ground nor evaporates into the air. It flows into places where water collects.