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PrepPreparation, especially in advance of an event.RetakeTake a photograph, a test, or an examination again.ScrollMove through a document or image on a computer screen, typically by using a scroll bar or arrow keys.SetupThe way in which something is organized or arranged.StriveMake great efforts to achieve or obtain something.SubmissionThe action or fact of submitting to the power or authority of another.SyllabusA summary of the main points of a piece of writing, a speech, etc.Time zoneAny of the 24 regions of the Earth that are divided by lines of longitude and from which standard time is obtained.TranscriptA written or typed copy of something, especially a document or speech.TuitionFees paid for educational instruction, especially at a school, college, or university.TutorA person who teaches another privately, especially in a subject in which they are expert.TutorialA class or session in which a tutor gives individual instruction to a student or a small group of students.TutoringThe act or process of giving private instruction, especially in a subject in which one is expert.