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DeemedConsidered or regarded in a particular way.DigitAny of the Arabic numerals from 0 to 9.DiscernmentThe ability to judge well.ExcelBe particularly good at or proficient in.ExponentsA symbol placed to the right of a mathematical expression to indicate the power to which a number or quantity is to be raised.FoundationThe basis or ground on which something is built or established.HyphenA punctuation mark (-) used to join words or to separate the syllables of a word when it is divided at the end of a line.IndentedHaving a margin with the inner edge set in further than the outer edge.IntegerA number that is not a fraction and that is one of the set of whole numbers and their negatives.MetacognitionThe awareness and analysis of one's own thought processes.MindsetA person's way of thinking and approach to the world.NeuralRelating to the nerves or the nervous system.ParenthesesA pair of curved marks ( ) used in writing to enclose words that are an explanation or afterthought or to set off figures or tables.ParticipationThe action of taking part in an event or activity.PerimeterThe line enclosing the area of a two-dimensional shape.PersuasiveTending to persuade.PlagiarismThe practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.Proactive(of a person or approach) taking action in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes.RegroupOrganize (something) differently; rearrange.ReinforceStrengthen or support (something) with additional evidence or measures.RestatementA statement that repeats or rephrases something in a clearer or more concise way.RevisitVisit (a place) again.RoadmapA plan or strategy for achieving a particular goal.ShortcutA quicker or easier way of doing something.ShowcasesA place where items are displayed for public viewing.SpreadsheetA document consisting of a grid of rows and columns in which data is entered and can be calculated and sorted.SubtractTake (a number, quantity, or amount) away from another.TabA small projecting device attached to the side of a page or folder, used for holding it open or marking a place.ToolbarA row of icons representing functions that can be used with a computer program, such as a word processor.TruthfulnessThe quality of being honest and telling the truth.