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-interdisciplinary studies help you to prepare for your future career and life in a complex, fast-changing, and globalized world where the ability to work with multiple cultures and forms of knowledge are primary skills
You will be able to:
1. recognize & deal w/ complexity of all kinds, especially job complexity, make connections, integrate info from multiple sources, make decisions and solve problems
2. work effectively in professional settings with others who have been trained in particular disciplines; understand the disciplinary perspectives of coworkers; have empathy
3. develop critical understanding; seeing strengths & weaknesses of each disciplinary perspective, judging their relevance or appropriateness to the issue at hand, engage in perspective talking
4. view a problem as a complex system that operates in a particular context; systems thinking and connection making, break a problem down into disciplinary parts & appreciate how they are interrelated
5. engage in "informed borrowing" which involves drawing on the expert views of all relevant disciplines & doing it in the way that shows you understand what and why they say what they say
6. integrate diverse & conflicting views and info about a complex problem to formulate comprehensive approach to and resolution of the problem (creative, analytical, & practical intelligence) essential for integration process
7. preparing to live & work in a knowledge society requires that you develop the capacity to assess social values, ideological stances, belief systems and public policies; address real-world problems & challenges social values, belief systems, public policies connected to these problems
8. help make a difference in the world; develop necessary knowledge, skills, & personal networks in the classroom then applying them to the world outside