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a, an
Example- antonym
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dis Example- disappearaway from, noten Example-enterput in, intoex Example- exitout of, formerextra Example- extraordinaryoutside of, beyondhyper Example- hyperactiveover, moreil, ir Example- irrational, illuminatenot, withoutin, im Example- insert, impossibleinto, notinter Example- interactbetweenintra Example- intrastatewithinmacro Example- macroscalelargemal Example- maleficentbadmicro Example- microscopesmallmono Example- monopolyonemulti Example- multiplemanynon Example- nonsensewithout, nonperi Example- perimeteraroundpost Example- postponeafterpre, pro Example- preview, prologuebeforesemi, hemi Example- semicircle, hemispherehalfsub Example- submarineundersyn Example- synonymsametrans Example- transportacrosstri Example- trianglethreeun Example- unknowingnotuni Example- unityone, together

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