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Short Answer: Mention three key features of the Mesopotamian Culture. Why do we call it an urban civilization?
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Came to citizens of Cappa by rodents and fleas in 1330, killed everyone nobody was safe
Religious ideas: believed that god was punishing everyone because everyone was dying → first time they were questioning religion
Public health: creation of quarantine, creation of health boards, cleaning up the streets
Jews and gypsies were scapegoats
Renaissance was a Cosmopolitan world where for the first time the east and west were united. Creation of simple math, banking ideas come from the arab world. first system of capitalism is created. First time stressing the importance of Humanism:
Education, people questioning the individual
Creation of the printing press
Allowed people to be able to read the bible for themselves, changed the role of women, ability to read and write made you valuable,
Mongal Ware techniques
Proto Passport: traveling from China to Russia with safety because they were mongal areas. You just needed to pay a tax to the mongols
Pony express: stations set up around the empire, one person would go from point a to point b with news and another guy would go from point b to point c (revolutionized communication)
Long Answer: Discuss the significance of the year 1492. In what ways did it have an irreversible effect on the New World?Columbus discovering America Led to natives being wiped out because of disease Start of colonialism Led to more exploring Start of white being superior Triangle trade (Africa, Europe and America) America gave crops to europe, europe gave manufactured goods to africa and africa shipped slaves to the americas to harvest the crops Virgin soil epidemic