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Ch. 15 - Managing Employee Separations

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Termination interview: interview in which an employee is informed of the fact that he or she has been dismissed.

PLAN THE INTERVIEW. Carefully schedule the meeting on a day early in the week, and try to avoid Fridays, pre-holidays, and vacation times. Have the employee agreement, human resources file, and release announcement (internal and external) prepared in advance. Be available at a time after the interview in case questions or problems arise, and have phone numbers ready for medical or security emergencies.

GET TO THE POINT. As soon as the employee arrives, give the person a moment to get comfortable and then inform him or her of the decision.

DESCRIBE THE SITUATION BRIEFLY. In three or four sentences, explain why the person is being let go. For instance, "Production in your area is down 4 percent, and we are continuing to have quality problems. We have talked about these problems several times in the past three months, and the solutions are not being followed through. We have to make a change." Remember to describe the situation rather than attacking the employee personally.

LISTEN. It is important to continue the interview until the person appears to be talking freely and seems reasonably calm about the reasons for his or her termination and the severance package that he or she is to receive. Behavioural indications can be used to help gauge the person's reaction and to decide how best to proceed. Five major reactions often occur:

REVIEW ALL ELEMENTS OF THE SEVERANCE PACKAGE. Describe severance payments, benefits, and the way in which references will be handled. However, under no conditions should any promises or benefits beyond those already in the severance package be implied. The termination should be complete when the person leaves.

IDENTIFY THE NEXT STEP. The terminated employee may be disoriented, so explain where he or she should go on leaving the interview. Remind the person whom to contact at the company regarding questions about the severance package or references.