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Lightning Path Workbook One Concepts

A study set for Lightning Path Book One: Introduction to Authentic Spirituality. To download the book: http://datadump.lightningpath.org/books/LP_Book_1.pdf For more: http://www.lightningpath.org/

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What occurs when you fill the vessel with consciousness
Awakening Mantra
A phrase designed to help you willfully focus on the process of spiritual awakening
Big Lies
Lies that disempower, do damage, and disconnect you from Highest Self
Bodily Ego
That part of your psyche which emerges as a result of the neural activities of your body's central nervous system (CNS)
Boundary Visualization
A visualization you do to help protect yourself from manipulation, negativity, and assault.
A safe place where you can heal and connect.
The Lightning Path term for what occurs when the Bodily Ego of the Physical Unit unites with Resident Monadic Consciousness, or some higher level of the Fabric of Consciousness.
Connection Experience
What happens when you connect, however briefly, with your own Highest Self. Any experience sufficiently above one's average level of consciousness as to be perceived as qualitatively different than normal
Filling the vessel with consciousness
Mystical Experience
Any experience of Connection sufficiently above one's average daily level of consciousness as to be perceived, by the individual, as a qualitatively different state of awareness/consciousness/being
Any mystical experience/awakening experience that has a significant emotional, psychological, or even physical impact on the Physical Unit.
Physical Unit
Your physical body and mind.
The Lightning Path
A powerful, effective, grounded, logical, intuitive, modern, and authentic path of spiritual awakening, activation, and ascension
The Path
Any system of spirituality that provides training and guidance that leads directly towards healing and connection
Bodily Ego
The ego that emerges as a consequence of the interaction between Consciousness and the sophisticated neuronal operations of the physical brain.
Less Than Messages
Messages designed to undermine self-esteem and self efficacy, and confuse purpose
Physical Unit
The physical body or/container for incarnated Monadic Consciousness.
A perception of the world that is empty of Consciousness.
Nadir Experience
Negative connection experiences characterized by confusion, anxiety, guilt, shame, fear, paranoia, and psychosis.
New Energy
Energy that is balanced , with equal force/yang and formation/yin
Old Energy
Imbalanced, yang dominant, forceful, disconnecting energy.
Highest Self
Your Spiritual Ego, your spirit/soul, your "internal sun, the highest, most conscious, most powerful aspect of You that exists..
Toxic Socialization
An emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, and physically violent process that damages the physical unit and, ultimately, prevents full connection
The SpiritWiki
The canonical glossary of Lightning Path Concepts
Water Glass Metaphor
A metaphor/visualization of the connection/awakening process.
Zenith Experience
A positive connection experience