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Kreb Cycle

Citric Acid Cycle, The Kreb Cycle, and TCA (tricarboxylic acid)
What are the different names for the Kreb Cycle?
In the mitochondrial matrix
Where does the Kreb Cycle occur?
Acetyl Co A and oxaloacetate
What starts the cycle?
Is separates from the Acetyl and leaves before the Acetyl joins the cycle
What happens to the Co A?
An oxaloacetate combines with a 2 carbon compound to make citrate
What are the components in the first step of the Kreb Cycle?
A CO2 leaves citrate while a NAD+ is reduced, oxidizing the citrate
What happens in step 2 of the Kreb Cycle?
An alpha-ketoglutarate
What is the product of step 2 in the Kreb Cycle?
Succinate is formed
What happens in step 3 of the Kreb Cycle?
Malate is made
What happens in step 4 of the Kreb Cycle?
The step makes oxaloacetate
What happens in step 5 of the Kreb Cycle?
Oxaloacetate is the final compound which is then added to the 2 carbon compound, restarting the cycle
Why does the Kreb cycle repeat?
It is the CO2 that is released in the Kreb Cycle. It is toxic to our body so we have to breath it out.
Why do we breath out CO2?
The high amount of electron carriers (NADH and FADH2) made. They are used in the electron transport chain to make ATP.
What is the most important use of the Kreb Cycle?
Aerobic uses oxygen
Anaerobic doesn't use oxygen
What is the difference between anaerobic and aerobic respiration?
What type of respiration is the Kreb Cycle?