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Nephron & Urine Formation


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Glomerular Filtration Location
glomerulus and glomerular capsule
Glomerular Filtration Function
blood pressure forces/filters all small substances (both good and bad substances) out of the blood
Glomerular Filtration Result
water, amino acids, glucose, ions, and wastes are filtered out of the blood
Tubular Reabsorption Location
mainly proximal tubule
Tubular Reabsorption Functions
reabsorb the needed/ good substances that were lost during filtration
Tubular Reabsorption Results
ions, glucose, amino acids, some water are reabsorbed (everything gets reabsorbed except for wastes and some water)
Tubular Secretion Location
mostly distal tubule and collecting duct
Tubular Secretion Function
adds excess ions to urine
Tubular Secretion Result
H+ (hydrogen ion), K+ (potassium ion), and ammonium ion (NH4+) are secreted/ added to urine
Urine Concentration
influenced by how much ADH (antidiuretic hormone) is produced
dilute urine (lots of water in urine)
High ADH
concentrated urine (low amount of water in urine)