Parent and childhood socialization

How has parenting changed over the years?
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Advice such as not letting children touch banana's or rubbing rum on their gums when teething, may no longer be applicable/has changed.
Some advice parents have gotten is to not follow advice.
In history, parents did not 'parent'. They 'reared' their children, or raising them was given to members of staff, grandparents or other children.
what do gendered toy ads for girls illustrate?-Girls get to play with glitter, bake cakes, and focus on child-rearing. -Restricts their imagination of what women are cable of and promote appearance over intelligence. -Generally ads lack the creative act of play.How does the media play such a highly critical role in children's lives?-Youth may not realize that these ads are teaching them what is acceptable gendered behaviour. -Some adults may not realize that the ads are doing thiswhat did the ted talk video on masculinity show?What did researchers studies for Dove advertisements find?91% of men felt it was more important to have emotional strength and physical strength of wealth (this has changed from what it used to be when men were encouraged to be physically strong)