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Chapter 3 - Power Plant Construction

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- Develop a formal safety program with all its components
- Implement the program in the company
- Holding formal meetings with all the contractor companies to clearly identify acceptable practices during construction and outline corporate health and safety goals and expectations for the project
- Holding general safety and orientation meetings for all individuals and contractors arriving on-site
- Holding daily safety meetings each morning directed at various job activities, relevant to the tasks and encouraging two way communication
- Developing formal methods for hazard identification, reporting and follow up with a solution based outcome requirement
- Developing a formal method for investigating, tracking, trending, and following up on all incidents, accidents and near misses
- Holding toolbox safety talks concerning all tasks considered to have a specific risk value to the manager, supervisor, or individual who completed the task feels is significant enough to justify the talk
- Developing a formal method for auditing both the safety program and the behaviours of the various individuals at the construction site with accountability, reward, and documentation components
- Ensuring that the emergency response programs are in place and that drills and practices are conducted throughout the construction process
- Setting up specific safety zones or tables throughout the site where any individual can go under neutral conditions to discuss any safety related issues
- Holding formal meeting with the contractor companies management on a daily basis emphasizing safety performance to date, issue resolutions, and expectations for the next day
- Completing a final progress report at the end of the construction project that clearly identifies the successes, any major issues, and uncontrolled incidents. Give reward where it is due and identify areas that m must be corrected including the processes, programs, and behaviours that will be implemented to ensure change occurs