Pysch 12- Personality/ Traits

What is personality?
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what is your superego?judgement, "what should you do" , future goalswhat is your ego?connection between pleasure (ID) and pain (superego)what is your defense mechanism? why is it triggered?ego(concious mind) way of protection to reduce anxiety your unconcious distorts realitywhat are the 7 types of defence mechanisms?Regression Repression Denial Reaction Formation Projection Displacement RationalizationWhat is Regression?To move back to a less developed mental/physical stateWhat is Repression?removing thoughts that could cause you pain/trauma/ emotionwhat is Denial?to refuse any connection to realityWhat is Reaction Formation?acting/ feeling opposite feelings to what you actually feelWhat is projection?Putting your own faults onto another personWhat is rationalization?Making excuses for behaviors that are considered unacceptablewhat is Displacement?transfer of feelings to a less threatening personWhat are the 5 psychosexual stages of development?child stages of unconscious development oral, anal, phallic, latency, genitalWhat is Freud's psychosexual stage theory? How did Freud use this theory to explain adult issues?based on unconscious development (ID) that focuses on pleasure in different stages some adults would feel sexual problems meaning they are "stuck" at a stagewhat is the oral stage? age?1-18 months pleasure comes from chewing and bitingWhat is the anal stage? age?18-36 months pleasure comes from bowel and bladder movement potty training gives control and difficulty feelingswhat is the phallic stage? age? How do boys and girls start to differentiate EMOTIONALLY at this stage?3-6 years pleasure comes from the genitals boys- incest feelings towards mum,competion towards dad girls- incest feelings toward dad, competition towards mumWhat is the Oedipus complex?what is a conflict occuring in the phallic stage in which a child desires the parent of opposite sex and same sex parent as a rivalWhat is the latency stage? age?6 years- puberty child begins to mimic same sexy parentwhat is the genital stage? age?puberty- onwards maturation of sexual interests/desiresWhat 3 psychologists connected to Freud's theory? What is the name for these psychologist?Jung, Adler, Horney Neo-FreudianWhat was Jung's addition to psychoanalysis?individuals had collective thoughts: inherited, shared memories that came from ancestors archetypes- individuals have a dark side they do not expressWhat was Adlers addition to psychoanalysis? why did he belief people had issues developing?believed SOCIAL tensions were more important in development than SEXUAL tensions inferiority complexwhat is an inferiority complex?inability to do something that is considered "normal" feelings of not good enoughWhat was Horney's addition to psychoanalysis?believed Freud was negatively biased towards woman believed cultural variables affected personalitywhat are the issues that came with Psychoanalysis?not scientific leading/case study questions life long "development" underestimation of peer influences overestimation of sexual importance oepedius complex isn't because of gender identityWhat is humanistic psychology?conscious mind individuals could choose, creativity free will, availability to growWho were the 2 psychologists for humanistic pysch?Maslow and Rogershow were individuals referred to as Psychoanalysis vs humanisticpsychoanalysis- patients humanistic- clientsWhat was maslow's theory ? what was the full goal?hierarchy of needs- in order to reach the meaning/ full happiness basic needs must be met self-actualizationWhat are the 5 basic stages of Maslows Hierarchy? what is the extra 6th stage?1. Physiological 2. Safety 3. Belonging/Love 4. Esteem 5. Self Actualization 6. Self TranscendingDescribe all 5 stages of Maslow's (from the bottom to up) extra 61.physiological- satisfaction in thirst, hunger, sleep predictable/ organized 3.belonging/love- give love, be loved, acceptance 4.esteem- confidence, achievements 5.self actualization- fullest/best potential, all needs are met 6. self transcending- meaning of lifeWhat was Rogers theory?IMPORTANCE of: acceptance, genuiness, empathy of struggles for human growth Unconditional positive reward- total acceptance allows ppl to open up and be more happyWhat is empathy?speaking, understanding listening, reflecting to other people feelingswhat is genuineness?free to express ones feelings without fear of self centerednesswhat is self concept?all the thoughts and feelings we have in respond to "Who am I?"why was humanistic approach not reliable?no scientific proof misinterpretation of "positive regard"how did humanistic approach change psychology?foundation for positive psychologyWho were the 3 physchologists responsible for Traits?AllPort Cattell EysenckWhat was Allports contribution as a trait theorist?said all personalities are unique studied "mentally healthy people" resisted a single law that can be associated for everyoneWhat 3 traits did allport say?Cardinal Central SecondaryWhat are cardinal traits?dominating traits what your known forwhat are central traits?building block trait consistentwhat is a secondary trait?less consistent harder to detect/ less obviousWhat was Catell's contribution as a trait theorist?researched/ predicted traits proposed 16 personality FACTORS that make a personalityWhat was Eysenck's contribution as a trait theorist? exresearched the genetics behind personality traits ex. introversion vs extroversion building block traits (secondary)What is the current model for trait theory?The big 5 Traits Openness Extraversion Neuroticism- stability vs instability Agreeableness Conscientiousness- moralsWhat are the problems with trait theories?no consideration for situational influences no explanation for persons behavioursWho developed social cognitive theory?Albert BanduraWhat is social cognitive theoryThat to understand ones personality you have to consider their thoughts before, during and after Ppl learn from observing/ examples/ reinforcementWhat is reciprocal determinism?How ur thoughts, environment, and behaviour influence u and ur actionsWhat is external locus of control ExIdea that change and forces that you CANT CONTROL determine ur fate Ex. Zodiac horoscopesWhat is internal locus of control ExThe idea that you CAN CONTROL your own fate Ex mindsetWhat is learned helplessness?Hopelessness feeling when human or animal feels when a bad event continues to occurHow did Martin Seigmen study Learned Helplessness theoryHe studied dogs. He would put them in a cage and shock them. Some after some time would stop tryna get out whilst others continued to fightWhat is optimistic explanatory style?In a negative situation, a person will feel "not my fault" Can be changed Internal locus of controlWhat is a pessimistic explanatory style?When a bad situation occurs a person feels Self blame Catastrophic event External locus of controlWho were the 2 theorist for behaviourism ?Watson and SkinnerWhat was Watson's behaviourism theoryBelieved that behaviours can be measured, controlled, changed Funded a Pyschology schoolWhat was Skinners behaviourism theoryFocused on factors that effect a person to act a specific way Wanted to predict and control it MORE THAN understanding itWhat is operant conditioning?A way to teach behaviour based on reward and consequences To establish Positive and Negative Reinforcement

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