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Where does Winnipeg get it's water from?
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What are the steps of the carbon cycle?1. Carbon enters the atmosphere 2. Carbon dioxide is absorbed by producers 3. Animals feed on the plant passing the carbon compounds along the food chain. 4. The dead organisms are eaten by decomposers and the carbon in their bodies is returned to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.What is an ecological footprint?The impact a person or community has on the environment and how much land is needed to sustain their use of recourses.What is another word for producer?Autotroph.What does symbiosis mean?When 2 or more different organisms live together.What are the 3 types of symbiosis?Mutualism, commensalism, parasitismExample of a food chain:Plankton(producer)>Crustaceans(primary consumer)>Squid(secondary consumer)>Orca(tertiary consumer).What is another word for quaternary consumer?Apex predator.What does extinct mean?An organism no longer exists.What does expirated mean?An organism is no longer found in certain regions.What does endangered mean?Organism global population is very low.What does threatened mean?Vulnerable organism is losing habitat and populations are dropping