SOCI 249 Deterrence

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Deterrence Theory
- what is theory based on?
- DT argues best way to control crime?
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Individualized deterrence relation to Operation Ceasefire -- talk about example from class- Individuals were told that violent behavior would not be tolerated; were also offered services to help them get out of gang lifestyle - When violence occurred, gangs/groups/areas were targeted with a severe police responseOperation Ceasefire - what made it successful?- Surveillance - pulling together info - Individualized deterrence after surveilling then leads to harsh policing (we know who you are and will catch you) AND Opportunities - services - we want to help you + want to empower you to change - broad coalition coming together - schools + social services + police + peopleOperation Ceasefire - failure?- Losing sight of what they purpose it - Long term challenge = holding it together - need to maintain those relationsDeterrent Effects of Increasing Punishment Certainty - talk about Project Hope- Project Hope - frequent + random drug testing tied to increase prison time if failed - Offenders must call probation officer each day and are randomly tested for drugs once a week - Project resulted in a reduction in positive drug tests and reduction of jail time and cost - ended up being more successful than others