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The amount of CO2 molecules produced during aerobic respiration
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The function of LacI repressor is toRepress the gene expression of protein of interestThe higher the bis acrylamide concentration while making polyacrylamide gels the slower the proteins will migrateTrueThe migration of particles in an electric field is dependent on the following particle propertiesSize, Shape, Net chargeSize exclusion chromatography is liquid chromatographyTrueSize exclusion chromatography can be used for separation of viral particlesTrueWhile performing Bradford assay, we used 10uL of sample from each tube, but we did not include a blank becauseSince neither protein should come out in tube 1, it can act as a blankBradford assay with the coomassie dye is compatible with chelating agentsTrueThe development of blue color from orange reddish color is due to binding of coomassie dye with basic amino acidsTrueWhich of the following factors affect protein denaturationSolvents, pH, RadiationThe limitation of BCA asaay iis that it is incompatible with some components of the bufferBeta MECompetent cells made by treatment with CaCl2 can be used for the transformation using electroporationFalseAmpicillin which is added to LB media while making LB-Amp-X-gal plates helps withSelection of transfomed cells that grow on plateDuring lab 6, while making extraction buffer, you used a reducing agent to keep proteins from oxidizing, during extraction.Beta MEYou want to extract anthocyanins from spinach leaves using the same method as we performed for chlorophyll extraction. You know that you need to dilute your extract in proper solvent before doing spectrophotometry. If you take 200uL of extract and add to 9.8 mL of solvent. You add 5 mL from this solvent to a cuvette and read absorbance. What would be the dilution factor you need to consider while calculating anthocyanin content?50While performing agarose gel electrophoresis, the migration speed is inversly proportional to molecular weight of DNATrueThe concentration of DNA you extracted from E.coli culture was 125 ng/uL. How many uL you need to use in a restriction enzyme digestion reaction to get 1.5 ug total DNA. The volume of the digestion reaction is 20 uL.12 uLThe restriction enzyme EcoRI cuts the DNA at specific sites which have palindromic DNA sequencesTrueWhich component is NOT part of the S.O.C. medium added to the transformed E.coli cells during the cell recovery period?AmpicillinSYBR Safe that was added while making the gel is an example ofDNA StainWhat chemical is used during DNA extraction process to remove excessive salts?70% EthanolWhat is the role of using NaOH in the lysis buffer?Denatures DNA and changes the osmotic pressure so the cells ruptureYou isolated plasmid DNA from E.coli contain pUC19. When you checked the concentration of DNA using 1 uL on nanodrop machine, the setting was changed by the previous lab section. Now you are only able to see the absorbance at 260 nm. If your absorbance reading was 0.32, what would be the concentration of your DNA sample in ng/uL16 ng/uLWhat is the purpose of G1/S Checkpoint?Check if cell is prepared for cell division and check if there are any mutationsIf you are given a solution of E.coli and asked to perform serial dilution. You perform a dilution series of 10^-1, 10^-2, 10^-3, 10^-4, and 10^-5 and plat 5 uL spots on the plates. You incubate plates for a day. You find that the dilution of 10^-5 has nicely spread-out colonies that you can count. There are 12 colonies on the spot corresponding to 10^-5 dilution. Based on this observation, what is the concentration of the E.coli solution given to you?2.4E8 cells/mLWhat is the purpose of having dextrose in the media while growing Saccharomyces cerevisiae cultures?A carbohydrate sourceWhat is the correct order in which cell cycle takes place?Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, TelophaseIf a cell has 10 chromosomes, how many DNA molecules will be seen during metaphase?20