Chapter 9 CRM100

Sentence has be equal to the depth of the offence and the degree of responsibility of the offender
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Long-term offender: A call under Criminal Code that requires the offender to spend up to 10 years under supervision following the expiry of his or her sentence Gladue report: A report prepared prior to sentencing of Indigenous offenders which sets out historical events and that may be related to the offenders conflict with the law and criminal behaviour Gladue decision: Decision by the SCC which held that in cases where a term of incarceration would normally be imposed, judges must consider the unique circumstances of indigenous peopleConditional sentence(of imprisonment): Sentencing disparity: Collateral consequences (of sentencing):Conditional sentence(of imprisonment): sentence for offenders who receive a sentence or sentences totalling less than two years whereby the offender serves his or her time in the community under the supervision of a probation officer Sentencing disparity: different sentences being meted out for similar offences committed by similar offenders in similar circumstances Collateral consequences(of sentencing): Sanctions and prohibitions that are placed on persons convicted of criminal offences(and their families) particularly those offenders who have been incarcerated.