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apendicular skeleton
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acromial endName this specific part of the clavicle.costoclavicular ligamentband of connective tissue that unites the medial clavicle with the first rib, inferior surfaceconoid tubercleprominence on inferior surface of the lateral end of clavicleTrapezoid lineAttachment of trapezoid ligament, inferior surfacesubclavian grovebelow the clavicleScapulashoulder bone, flat bone, sits on rib 2 to 7inferior anglebottom point of scapulasuperior angleuppermost aspect of scapula where medial border meets superior borderspine of scapulalocated on the posterior of the scapulasubscapular fossaanterior surface of scapulaglenoid fossaThe part of the scapula that joins with the humeral head to form the glenohumeral joint.glenoidhumeral joint-joint resulting from scapula joining with humerus -ball and socket jointacromionOutward extension of the shoulder blade forming the point of the shoulder.supraspinous fossaName this specific area of the scapula.infraspinous fossaName this specific area of the scapula.coracoid processName this specific part of the scapula.supra scapular notchName this specific part of the scapula.supraglenoid tubercleprominence superior to the glenoid cavity; origin of long head of biceps brachiiinfraglenoid tubercleprominence inferior to the glenoid cavity; origin of long head of triceps brachiiclavicular facetAt the antero-medial corner of the Acromion, a small articular facet exists for the distal end of the clavicle.humerisupper arm bonehumerus headrounded section of the humerus that articulates with the glenoid cavity of the scapula, faces medialintertubercular groovegroove between the greater and lesser tubercles of the humerus, face the anteriorgreater tubercleLarge lateral prominence; site of the attachment of rotator cuff muscleslesser tubercleinsertion of subscapularissurgical neckThe neck of the humerus that is prone to fractures.deltoid tuberosityraised area on lateral surface of humerus to which deltoid muscle attachesradial grooveRuns obliquely down the posterior aspect of the shaft.supracondylar linesbegin where the femoral shaft widens medially and laterallyMedial epicondyleName this specific part of the humerus.lateral epicondyleName this specific part of the humerus.Trochleaa smooth, grooved articular process shaped like a pulleycapituluma little head, distal on the humursradial fossa*humerus* above capitulum (anterior side)coronoid fossaanterior depression that receives the coronoid process of the ulna during forearm flexionolecranon fossalocated on the posterior side of the distal end of the humerus superior to the trochleaulnar groovebetween the medial epicondyle and trochleaanatomical neckName this specific part of the humerus.glenhumeral jointhumerus head, glenoid cavity