Kin 122 - Statistics

only _____ children and youth age 5017 are reaching their recommended physical activity levels outlined in the 24 hour movement guidelines
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Almost _____of Canadian children/ youth are obese12%Compared to an active person, an inactive person spends ____ more time in the hospital, uses_____ more specialist services, and ____ more nurse visits38%, 13%, 12%Overall activity report cardPhysical activity:D+ Sedentary: D+ Activity transport:D- Sleep: B Overall: F______ of children use no more than 2h of screen time per day76%_____ of youth meet the two hour/ one hour guide line of screen time28%Active transport ______ use active transportation ____ use non active ____ use both21%, 63%, 16%only _____ of children aged 5-11 years engage in at least 1.5 hours per day of active play and unstructured physical activities. Additional findings from Statistics Canada indicate that youth aged 12-17 years accumulate 4 hours per day of screen time outside of school.21%,by the age 11, _____ of children have a phone, and this increases to ____ by 1253%, 69%______ of youth sleep with their phone near them1/3