Compt Tech Chapter 2

What is a good safety precaution to take when opening a computer case?
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In which section of the motherboard would a memory module be installed?section CWhich type of motherboard expansion slots sends data one bit at a time over a serial bus?PCIeWhich PC motherboard bus is used to connect the CPU to RAM and other motherboard components?front-sideWhere is buffered memory commonly used?serversA technician has been asked to upgrade a processor and needs to do some research. The computer is just a couple years old. What are two types of processor packages that could be used inside the computer? (Choose two)LGA, PGAA student is looking to add memory in order to speed up a tower computer. Which type of memory module should the student be looking for?DIMMWhich type of drive is typically installed in a 5.25 inch (13.34 cm) bay?optical driveA technician has been asked to order a replacement internal SATA HDD. Between which two form factors will be technician have to choose? (Choose two)2.5 inch, 3.5 inchWhile shopping for a replacement motherboard , a customer decides to also purchase a new mechanical hard drive and asks the technical salesperson for advice. Which storage interface should the salesperson recommend for the motherboard and new drive?SATAWhich type of motherboard expansion slot has four types ranging from x1 to x16 with each type having a different length of expansion slot?PCIeA technician is installing a new high-end video adapter card into an expansion slot on a motherboard. What may be needed to operate this video adapter card?Two 8-pin power connectorsWhich type of expansion slot is shown?PCI x16Which device is shown?media readerWhen assembling a PC, how is pin 1 identified on the front panel cables so that it can be aligned properly with pin 1 on the motherboard panel connector?by a small arrow or notch