IFC Chapter 18 - Applying Ethical Standards to what you have Learned

Ethics can be defined as:
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What are the 5 codes of conduct?duty of care integrity professionalism compliance confidentialityrecognizing there is a moral dilemma assessing you options in terms of moral criteria commit to a strategy to resolve the dilemma carry out the strategy this is the step by step process of what?Ethical decision makingWhich code of conduct does churning breach?IntegrityThe concept of ethics includes:the rules governing the behavior of a profession or group a set of moral values or principles the study of moral choices people make and the general natures of moralsEthics can be defined as?a set of values and standards that guide individual behaviorTaking a client's order as per his instructions and with his approval (unless a discretionary or managed account agreement is in place) falls under what standard?professionalism