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BU231 - Midterm

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In the event that an employee commits a tort during employment, is the employer liable at all? What is this called?
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James owns the entire 275 Larch Building F. Without permission, Imaad walks into the building to go and steal his charger back that James took yesterday. What's James' potential cause of action? What are the elements to prove here and does this case have all the elements? If a case like this does not have all the elements, can the claim still go forward?
Cause of Action: Trespass

Elements: 1) Intention, 2) Entering property, 3) Without consent and 4) causing harm

It could be argued that there is no cause of harm here given that James might not have needed the charger. But you could also argue that that aspect of it was not consented to and therefore the trespass did cause harm.

If one of these elements were missing, the case may not proceed.
After seeing that Imaad took his charger back, James visited Imaad at Laz the next day. He was furious that he did not have Imaad's charger. Imaad said he needed it for today, James was not having it. He lifted up a fist and gestured it toward Imaad. Is there a cause of action? What is this tort called? What does it require?