what is the discrition of the componets of deviation
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your vessel is stearing 135 t when you see the vessle dead a head. how would you report it to the OOWpower driven vessel over 50m dead ahead and approaching on recipocal course sira vassle towing seen from more then 2 points abaft the beamyou observe the following signal on you port Quarter what should you report to the OOWvessel distress flare visible on port quartera vessel dissplaying two blck balls is symbles for what?vessel not under commandwhen approcing another vessel you hear 3 short blasts for her whistle what dose this signify?my engines are going to sternthe deration for rapped ringing of the bell should be how long?5 secondsyour ship is proceeding in the fog in the golf of georgia.apparently off the starbord bow you hear one prolonged blast followed by 3 short blasts. how would you repot this to your OOW?a manned vessel being towedin poor visibility whe approaching English Bay(approching Vancouver) you hear one short blast followed by one prolonged blast followed by one short blast how do you interpret this signal?vessel anchored concerned that you may be apporching to closelyyou oserve a vessel flying the code flag indicated in the image what whould you report to the OOW?vessel loaded or carrying explosivesthe green navigation lights on a vessel shall be visable from what point to what point on a ship?right ahead and showing an unbrokenarch on the starbord side 22 1/2 degrees abaft the beama vessel sidelight of more that 50 meters in length shall be visable for atleast?3 milesnavigation lights shall be exibited at all times from?sunset to sunrisewhat is ships draftdepth of water from the bottom of the hull to the water lineIMOInternational Maritime OrganizationVTSVessel Traffic Servicewhat is the meanning of the term cardinal Buoya buoy indicating north south east westwhat is the the meaning of he term GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite Systemwest cardinalwreck buoyunderway is when?not at anchor, or made fast to shore or agroundwhat is the sound signal for a vessel stopped and making no way through the water5 seconds 5 seconds (--)what is the sounds for a vessel aground under 100meters3 bell 5 seconds rapidringing of the bell 3 strokes of the bellyou are proceeding in congested waater when you hear 5 short in your close proximinty what is the maening?im in doubt of your intentionswhen using VHF radio telephone what is the universal distress signalmaydayyouve been given the helm order starbord 15 what actions do you take?Turn wheel to starbord until rudder indicator reads 15 degrees starbord tell the OOW 15 degrees starbord wheel on siryou are steaming up the river using lead marks .the rear lead marks appears to move to the left of the range line as shown in the image. to return to the course line you would?apply 5 degrees Starbord and correct the swing as the ships head settles on the lead marks and the lead marks alignin rule 5 of the international Regulations for a collision at sea"keeping a look out" means?keeping proper look out by sight and hearingas well as by all means appropriate in prevailing circumstanstances at all timesbottom trawlingsheet benddefine LOAlength of ship from bow to sterndifine how long a long blast is in the collision regulations4-6 secondshow many fathms are in a shackle(shot)15a vessel aground shall sound signal in restricted visibility by?ringing the bell 3 time then rapid ringing of the bell for 5 seconds then follow by three distinct strokes on the bella power driven vessel shall keep out of the way of which 4 vessels under rule 18power driven sail fishing restricted(RAM) not under command(NUC)your vessel is on course 240 degrees true. vessel showing two red lights in a verticl line45 degrees on you port bow. who would you repot this to your OOW?vessel not under command 195 degrees truewhat is the meaning of the tearm GPSthe american global positioning systema vessel traviling 12.5 knots and has 46.25 miles to go to its destionation will arrive in how long?3 hours 42 minbeacons are fixed ads to navigation andare more relable the buoyslights with a caracteristic of white flashing(6) 15 sec-- eg- 6 flash of 1/2 second duration followed by a period of darkness of 7 seconds is used when?as an emergancy light at a major light station in the event of a failure in the main lightleaving portat night in reduced visibility you sight a unlighted buoy ahead. your search lightshowes up silver material on the buoy. what would you dostop and consult the latest notic to mariners before proceedingcharts refer to as large scale are used for?to show small area in great detailthe yellow towing light of a vessel engaed in towning shall be placed as nearly placed as nearly as practical at the stern showing an unbroken light over an arc of the horizon of?135 degrees and so fix as to show the light 67.5 degrees from right aft on each side of the vesselsheet bendwhat ropes are syntheticpolyester Nylon polypropylenewhat dose SWL stand for?safe working loadsailmakers whippingrolling hitchwhat has to be removed before you can dismantle a kenter joining linkthe tappered pin and melted leadwhat 2 methods are used to mark the anchor cable to indicate the number of shackles out?paint and wirewhen weighing anchor what actions by the forecrew indicate that the anchor is aweigh?ring bell ball down (at night anchor light on) radio callthe liver pool wire splice may NOT be used for?on a derrick runner that rotates freelywhere on the shippis the Bow-STOPERat the front end of thr ship to secure the achor chainwhat dose slack away meangive more slack on the linewhat dose flack out the line entailsplaceing mooring lines to allow for easy movement and saftywhat is a "Hand lead line"a specially marked rope with a heavy weight attached,which is used to find the depth of waterwhat is the uppermost complete deck having permanent means of closing all opening in the weather portionfreeboard decka low system rotates in what directionscounterclockwise directionsa Katabatic wind occurs during the evening due to?cooling airwhen anchoring in deep water how far do you walk out the anchor?walk it out all the waywhat provides little or no indication that a vessel is dragging anchordraft lead with line leading perpendicular to the center lineyou are standing the wheel watch on entering port and the master gives you a rudder command which conflicts with the pilots command. what should you do?obey the masterwhen is a vessel wind row?when the vesselwhen the vessel is anchor and heading into the windsafty goggles are NOT normally warn during what task?handling wire rope or natural fiber lineover hand knot isused to prevent the end of the rope unlayinga figure 8 knot is forused to prevent a rope running through a pullya reef knot isused to join two lines of equal sizesternboring is the term used to describe whatthe tendency of a vessel to back into the windwhat is the best knot to tie in the end of a rope to stop it from running through a pullya figure 8when synthetic rope reaches it beaking point it?reduces in diameter drastically tends to unlay slowly tends to make a creaking sound tends to vibrate rapidlythe best method of determing if an vessel is dragging anchor is to note?if it changes bearings of fixed objects on shorewhen weighing anchor your anchor picks up the bight of a heavy mooring wire that has been dumped. you clear your anchor byfirst passing a rope bight around the wire and securing the end on the boad. the anchor is the then lowered and the rope bight cutwhen working with rope you should neverstand in the bight of a ropewhy is it preferable to have a length of chain in between the anchor and the anchor line?to keep the anchor stock parallel to the bottomwhat visual indications are there be if one of he vessels weighed anchor?anchor lights turn off running lights turn onBeacons are fixed navigation and are?are more reliable aids the buoyswhat is the meaning of the term "rat guard"metal disks used on any mooring lines to restrict rats mice igaunas from gaining access moorig lineswhat dose SWL stand forsafe working loadinternational rule: flying red over white lights would be proper when?laying netsinternationall rules: when approaching a vessel from astern, how far abaft the beam would it become an overtraking situation?22.5 degreesInternational rules: a 40 meter towboat towing less then 150 meters astern would show how many lights fromm the masthead2the tearm ' spring tides' means tides that?have lower lows and higher highs then normalInternational rules; for determining safe speed, all the following factors are not mentioned in the rulesCompetency of crewinternational rules : when from any casuse, dose the stand on vessel finds herself so close to collision cannot be avoided by actionof the giveway vessel alone shall:sound the dangere signal and take any necessary actionif you hear a vessel firing a gun it means?the vessel is in distressthe letter f on a map represents?Fixed lightthe tearm FL on a map represents?flashing lightin reading a weather map, closely spaced gradient lines indicate?steep presser and strong windsa vessel underway and fishing in the fog shall sound?one prolonged blast followed by two short blasts of not more then 2 minuteson internatonal waters your powerdriven boat is underway and making way in the fog(visibility .3 miles) you become aware of another vessel on radar of your port bow.what signal would you give?1 prolomged blastthe night (light) for gale is?white over red lightsin order of highest to lowest clouds are?cirrus, alto, stratuswhat symptom is a shock victiomrapid pulse turning white temperature riseyou are underway in restricted visibility and hear 1 short 1 prolonged and 1 short blast. this means?vessel at anchora sailboat is approaching from your port side on a collision course. you should?keep cleardanger signal may be given in which situation?meeting crossing or overtakingthe abbreviation 'HRD' on a chart means?bottom is harda dye marker in water used at a distress signal must be?yellowwhich vessels are normally allowed to anchor in a narrow channel?not under commanda carbon dioxide fire extinguisher is required to be recharged if weightloss exceeds?10percent of the weight of the chargewhat is the tearm Avast mean?stop hauling on a ropewhat is the meaning of the tearm fathom6 feet (1,83m)what natural fiber rope is considered the best for most purposes?Manilawhat is the best natural fiber rope?MANILAwhitch type of wire rope used for running rigging?extrea flexable(special) steel wire ropewhat is considered NOT to be damage in wire ropesExcessive lubricationwhat is the distress phrase transmitted by lightsSOS by morse codewhat dose AB meanable seamanwhat is Dunnagetimber matts rope ect.used for securing ships cargoa AIS START transmits how?an X on the AIS screena SART transmits how12 equal dots on a radar screenbreaking the back of a ship meansbreaking the keel compromising the entire structurehow often do boat and fire drills have to be heald for a cargo vessel on international voyagesonce a monthhow often are flares replaced if they are Type AEvery 4 yearshow often are Type c flares replaced?Every 4 yearswhat is the average depth set for hydrostatic releases to activate on vessel securing rafts?1.4-4 metershow often do anchor cables have to be ranged and end for end?every 4 yearsthe light signal for a farway buoy is?1 fast one slow every 6 secondswhat is the light signal for a starbord bifurcation buoyred light 2+1 every 6 secondsthe light signal for a wrek buoy is?2 flash every 5 secondsthe officer of the watch askes you to check "ships head" your resopnce is to?what type of knot is in this imagebowlinewhat type of knot is in this image?rolling hitchwhat comass heading represent the cardinal points?000,180,90,270when a vessel drops its anchor what actions of the crew are required?turn off navigation lights and show anchor lights at night and one blak ball forward in the daywhat is the depth of water if the hand lead line has a piece of blue serge in hand?13 fathmsHow many deeps are on a hand lead line?11Draft marks are inscribed on the steal hull in?either feet and inches or meters and centimeterswhat is not part of the canadian shipping act?SOLASwhat are considered pollutions under the vessel pollution and dangerouse chemical regulationsoil, noxious liquids, cemicals,marine pollutants, sewage, garbage, air pollutants,smoke, anti fouling paintswhat is marpolthe international convention for the prevention of pollution from shipsthe safe working practices regulation applies to?work being done on a ship people employed in the loading or unloading of the ship,and area on shore that is in reach of any derrick, crane or other hoisting equipment or immediate approches to any such area but dose not inclued: sheds wearhouses or any part of a warf forward or aft of the ships mooring linesin any work area where flammable gas vapors or dust is present in the atmosphere no person shall use?Oxagen power toolsthe first thing to be done in a fire is?raise the alarmonce a man overboard alarm has sounded you should?proceed immediately to your muster locationshould CO2 fire extinguishers be placed in passendger areasNO they can explode only use for electrica vessel is under50 meters lengh but is fitted with optional secoond masthead light. according to the regualations the masthead lights should be visible for?5 miles67.5 degrees is how many points6 pointsa vessel is streaming on a set of ranges steering 176 gyro. if the ranges on the chart starte that the ranges are 178(t) what is the gyro error?2 degrees lowusing the above error, what gyro course would have to be steered to make a good course? (2 degrees)132 degrees trueif while streaming on the ranges a compass bearing has been taken and is 196(C) what is the compass error (178 degrees true )18 degrees wif the varriation is 20 degrees east and the comass err is 18 west what would the deviation be?38 degrees westthe preferred channel for a port hand bifurcation buoy would be?Starbord channela person shall wear a life jacket excep?when crossing two shipes that are both mooreddue to scuff marks that load line becomes invisible on the starbord side. what action do you take?no perspn shall while the ship is underway go over the side of the ship to carry out routine maintenancegas cyliners for burning and welding equipment shall be placed?securly in a vertical positionthe date marked on pyrotecnic distress signals signifies?the manufactur date and the expiry datewhat are the hours of "dog watch"1600-1800 and 1800-2000when entering a foreign port, where do you fly the visiting countrys flag as a sign of courtesy?on the cross treesa metal cover used to portect a glass porthole is called?a dead lighta deckhand must complete how many 8 hour days of sea service before sitting the transport canada bridge watch rating exam?60what is the signal for the general emergency?seven or more short blasts on a shipes whistle and internal alarm systemwhere is the principle location for displaying the signal for the general alarm and other alarms posted?in conspicuously posted through out the vessel in clueding the bridge engine room and the crews accomidationsif a pilot ladder is rigged on a ship with a high freeboard what should be done to assist the pilot boardinglower accomodations to a height where it wont come into contact with the pilot boat and then rig the pilot ladder from the water line to the accomidation ladderin poor visibility when approching english bay(vancouver) you hear a bell rappidly ringing for 5 seconds followed by a gong rappidly ringing for 5 seconds. how do you interpret this signal?vessel over 100m at anchorthe masthead light on a vessel located on the fore and aft centerline of the vessel shall be visible to ?right ahead and showing an unbroken light over the arc of the horizon to 221/2 degrees abaft the beama masthead light of a vessel of 12 m or more in length but less the 50 meters in length shall be visible for at least?5 milesthe light signal for a west cardinal buoy is?9 white flasheshow dose SART attract the attention of a rescuer?transmits a signal which dislpays on a searching ships RADARwhat is the term Quarter?one side of the after part of the shipdescribe the effect TCP has on bodily sinkage and risingthe higher the TCP value the more it takes to sink or rise the shipwhat defines restricted visibilty in terms of fog?1000meters(1km)what type of fog are you most likly to encounter at sea?Advection Foga force Beaufort force5 is?a fresh breezehigh pressur areas are what color on a weather mapbluewhen turning a vessel to starbord the pivoting point of the vessel would be where?1/3 of the distance from the aftwhen going astern in a vessel the pivot point would be where?1/3 of the distance from fwdwhat dose the speed triangle look like?according to rule 35 what sound dose a vessle that is 20 m in length sounds when engaged in fishing in restricted visibility when at anchor?a prolonged blast followed by two short blats ( delta) for not more th 2 minutesunder annex 2 additional signals for fishing vessels in close proximity, the signal of 1 white light over 1 red light means?a vassel haulling netsunder annex 2 additional signals for fishing vessels in close proximity, the signal of 1 white light over 1 white light means?shooting netswhen two power driven vessels are in crossing situation, what manoeuver shall the stand on vessel avoid when it appers the give way vessel is not taking the action prescribed by the regulations?alter course to port for a vessel on its port sidehow many meters is in a nautical mile1852if a ship is in dry dock for major repairs what part of the compass error may be impacted?deviationyour sailing in the morning. what steering quipment actions are required of the crew before siling?up to twelve hours before sailing check all the main steering gear, the auxillary steering gear and the bridge steering gear is working correctlywhat is the depth of water if the marking on a hand lead line has pieces of light line with two knotts in the end is to hand20 fathmswhat type of material is used to identify the "marks" on a head lead line?leather white, red, blue bunting and stringyour vessel aft draft marks are 5.5. if your vessel is trimmed to the stern0.7 what will be the forward draft4.85mwhat Canadian regulation requires the posting of a muster list?the fire and boat drill regulationthe minnimum thickness of a plank usedto makea stage shall be?50mmyouve been given an order to check the fresh water tank to check the cement washing has been adequately completed by the contractorsyou refuse until the tank has been gas freed by a marine chemistyou are in the ocean and have abandoned ship what is an OPTIONAL disstress signalyellow dyewhen altering course to port, the vessel keeps going as you apply more helm.(folllowing the compass) is called?Chasing the compassaccording to the collision regulations what must be avoided when detecting a vessel ahead in fog?altering course to porta asiling vessel which is to windward of anouther sailing vessel is obliged under rules to?give way or stand on depending on locationstarborad day beaconstarboard day beaconport hand biforcation canunder the coad of safe working practice for seamen, vessels carrying dangerous goods should be?segregated in accordance with the regulationsnew rope, 3 strand fiber rope and wire should be taken out of a coil in such a fashion as to aviod distrbing the lay of the rope true or false?truethe rule for the replacement of steel wire rope is?if 10% of the wires are broken within 10 diameters of the rope it needs to be replacedQuadrennial inspections are carried out how often?every 4 yearsthe breaking strain of 19mm diameter wire rope 6x12 construction is?11,176kgthe breaking strain of 25mm diameter wire rope 6x24 construction is?29,972 kgwhat is the safty factor of 6x36 wire rope?5what is the safty factor of synthetic ropes5a nylon rope of 89mm circumference will break at?12,446kgpassenger vessels must conduct boat and fire drills how often?weeklycargo vessels must conduct drills how often?monthlywhat types of vessels do the COLREGS apply?all sea going vesselsunder rule two responsibilty you are allowed to departure from the rules when?allowed to depart from rules if there is immediate dangerunderway is?when a vessel is not anchord moored or agroundwhat is the purpose of sacrifical anodes?it is a protective " Metal " that goes on the metal in the water. it deteriourates before the metel starts to deteriorate(it is sacrifised to protect the hull)what is the tearm "in ballast"a ship having no cargo abordwhat is the meaning of the term handmembers of a ships crewwhat is the meaning of the term course?the direction in which the ship is being steeredwhat is the meaning of the term quarterone side of the aft part of the shipthe gangway safty net shall be rigged under the under the gangway and extend on both sides for?1.8mwhat is not part of the checklist when refueling?if fuel has spilt into the bilges quickly quickly pump the bilges manually overboard to remove risk of fire and leave leave boat wide open for atleast 30 minutes to ventin the vessel pollutants and dangerous chemicals regulations oily mixture means a mixture with what % oil content?any amount of oilwhich international agreement covers the discharge of oil or oily mixtures in international waters?marpolwhen securing the vessel to the dock, care should be exercised when securing using?self-tentisoning winchesin the event of bunkering lines(gas lines) burst what is the immediate action required of the deck watch?stop the loading pumpswhen considering potentially hazordous working conditions.when shipyard repairmen finished welding and burning for the next day. should the deck watch patrol continue to patrol the area for the nextpatrol the area regularly for the next 30minwithin the meaning of the safeworking practices regulations a qualified person is considered"a qualified person" in resoect to work that is not required by law to be preformed by the holder of a licence, certificate or other athority, a person who in the opinion of his employer, possesses the knowlage and experience necessary to perform the work safetly and competentlya deep tank has been been closed for a long period of time and upon testing the air quality is deemed dangerous ro enter. what actions should be taken before entering the tankuse fans and other forces draft equipment to ventilate the space and have it tested by a qualified personif a fire extenguisher has been discharged for training purposes it must?be refilled as soon as possable and returned to its proper locationat what hight will a person required to work on a mast or other structure be required to wear a safety belt fitted with a safty line that is rigged so as to linit the free fall of a person not more then 1.2m3 metersfor a seaman engaged in chipping the deck which type of protection in mandated in the safe working regulationseye protectionthe term "dangerous goods" means?substances, materials and articles covered by the IMDG codebridge watches at sea on a 3 watch system are ushally changed how often?every 4 hours(4 on 8 off)how many bells are usually sounded at the change of the watch?8in the image identify the numbr of the hawse pipe10in the image of the achor identify the flukes3in the image what is the type of anchorBruceduring cargo operations you notice one of the gang appars to be under the influence of alcohol what would you do?have the person removed from the working area and contact his superioridentify : A B C D E F G HIdentify: A B C D(A)LOA-length over all (B)LBP-length between perpendiculars (c)LOW-length of water line (D)Bulbus bowwhat dose the rake look likename A B C(A)stern sheer (B)Bow sheer (C) sheeridentify A B C D E F G H(A) balanced rudder (B)vertival stiffeners (C)steering flat (D)aft peak tank (E)stern tube (F)stern frame (G)floors (H)rudder postname: A B C D E(A)Scupper (B)Sheer Strake (C)Camber (D)port and starboard strakes (E)Keelname A B C D E F(A)Maegin Plate (B)Solid Floor (C)Flat Plate Keel (D)CONTINUOUS CENTER GRIDER (E)Shell plating (F)Bracket floorswhile engaged in hand steering, the oow gives you a course to steer. how many digits is int the course?3what is a vessel setting out navigation buoys classified as?restricted in its abilitya small cargo vessel of less then 50 meters in length in towing a broked down vessel shall exhibit what lights?one mast light, sidelights and one sternlight. it can also position a spotlight in the direction of the tow cableswhen engaged in trawling pulling its trawl out of the water and not making way, what lights shall the trawler exhibit?tow lings in a vertical line , the upper being red and the lower being whitein or near restricted visibility, whether by day or nigh, which vessel must use a whistle to sound one prolonged blast followed by two short blasts at intervals of no more then 2 minsailing constrained by its draught a vessel not under commanda blulkwark ladder or gangways handhold stanchions hight should not be lee then how many meters?1.2 meterswhat is ther tearm fid mean?a wood spike used for splicing fiber ropewhat is the meaning of the term oilera engine room assestentwhat is the meaning of the tearm LPG?Liquidefied petroleum gas e.g propane, butane, ectwhat is the depth of water if the marking on a hand lead line has a piece of blue serge 2" wide and 6" long hand13 fmshow many deeps are there on a hand lead?11is solas part of the candain shipping act?no

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