#9 - Performance Management

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Performance Management
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Performance Management
process of creating a work environment in which people can perform to the best of their abilities to meet company goals
Performance Appraisal
annual or biannual process, a manager evaluates an employee's performance relative to the requirements of his/her job & uses this info to show them where improvements are needed
Focal Performance Appraisal
appraisal system where all of organization's employees are reviewed at the same time of year rather than on hiring dates
Strategic Relevance
Refers to extent to which the standards of an appraisal relate to the strategic objectives of the organization
Criterion Deficiency
performance standards should capture the scope of responsibilities
Criterion Contamination
comparance of performance shouldnt be contaminated by differing factors
process where managers meet to discuss the performance of employees to ensure that their employee appraisals are in line with one another
Manager Appraisal
performance appraisal done by an employee's manager & often reviewed by a manager one level higher
Self Appraisal
appraisal done by employee being evaluated, generally completed prior to performance interview
Subordinate Appraisal
performance appraisal of a superior by an employee, more appropriate for developmental rather than administrative purposes
Peer Appraisal
performance appraisal done by fellow employees, use in performance interview conducted by employee's manager
Team Appraisal
recognizes team accomplishment rather than individual performance
Customer appraisal
seeks evaluation from external & internal customers
Error of central tendency
performance rating error in which all employees are rated about average
Leniency or Strictness error
performance rating error where appraiser tends to give employees unusually high or low ratings