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The impact of our cultural backgrounds on the development of our personal values best illustrates the influence of
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The perception that psychological research findings merely verify our commonsense understanding is most clearly facilitated byHindsight biasWe are likely to ________ the personality similarities among children in the same family, and we are likely to __________ the personality similarities between parents and their childrenoverestimate; overestimateAn infant's temperament refers most directly to itsemotional excitabilityTheories of human development have been most susceptible to criticism for overemphasizing:discrete age-linked stages.The fact that the same individual won the New Jersey lottery on two-separate occasions best illustrates.A random outcomeWhich of the following methods is most helpful for clarifying cause-effect relationships?The experimentPerceptionis a process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment.A belief that adult personality is completely determined in the early childhood years would be most relevant to the issue of _.Stability or changeTo fully appreciate the interaction of neural activity, mental processes and the functioning of human communities, it is most necessary to recognize that people arebiopsychosocial systemsHearing a sequence of sounds of different pitches is to _________________ as recognizing the sound sequence as a familiar melody is to _______________sensation; perceptionThe school of thought in psychology that systematically turned away from the study of consciousness during the first half of the last century wasbehaviorismA psychologist working from the biological perspective would be most interested in conducting research on the relationship betweenneurotransmitters and depressionThe home environment most clearly has a greater influence on children's ___ than on their ___religious beliefs; personality traitsWhat are the three key attitudes of scientific inquiry?Humility, curiosity, and skepticism.The tendency to perceive order in random events often leads to overestimating the value of:intuitionWhich of the following best describes hindsight bias?Events seem more predictable after they occuredGiving half the members of a group some purported psychological finding and the other half an opposite result is an easy way to demonstrate the impact ofThe hindsight biasCognition refers toall the mental activities associated with thinking, knowing, remembering, and communicating.Patients' negative expectations about the outcome of a surgical procedure can increase their experience of pain after the operation. Their past experiences with surgery and expectations about how painful their recovery will be affects how they interpret pain sensations. This example best illustrates:top-down processing.a bank teller was so distracted by the sight of a bank robber's weapon that she failed to perceive important features of the criminal's physical appearance. this best illustrates the impact of:selective attentionDr. Phillips' theory of aggression be checked against observable evidence. She is demonstrating the scientific attitude ofskepticismPsychologists who view the developmental process as a sequence of distinct stages generally believe that ___ is(are) the same for everyone.the order but not the timing of the stagesA focus on the links between brain activity and behavior is most characteristic of psychologists who work from a ______ perspectivebiologicalJuan and Alonzo are fraternal twin brothers, whereas Jake and Alex are identical twin brothers. The similarities between Jake and Alex with respect to _____ are likely to be greater than the similarities between Juan and Alonzo.extraversion, neuroticism, and physical appearance