Genetics: 7 (all slides, do practice questions on punnet squares with sex chromosomes and Z/W system)

define autosomes
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is probability the same for male and females for sex-inheretided traitsnowhat are Y-linked genesgenes on Y chromosomes, only expressed in maleswho do females get their X chromosomes from and males for X and Y?females always get an X from mom and an X from dad. Males always get an X from mom and Y from daddefine holandric genesgenes on Y chromosome- only expressed in maleswhat is complete penetrancewhen a gene of a trait is always expressed the same in the entire population (one genotype will always produce the same phenotype)A trait where the inheritance patterns vary among sexes due to hormones but is the same genotype in all sexes is a sex-limited trait or a sex-influenced trait?sex-influencedwhat is a sex-limited trait?a trait where the alelle is carried by both sexes but only shows up in one (ex: breast development, breast cancer)what is phenotypic sexappearance of internal and external genitaliawhat is chromosomal sex?XX, XYtrue or false: X and Y chromosomes are homologous in humanstrueIn Drosophila, what determines sex?ratio of X chromosomes to haploid sets of autosomal chromosomesDrosophila 1X:2A is what sex? 2X:2A, what sex?male female1:1 ratio in Drosophila is what sexfemalewhat region is expressed on the Y chromosome for male internal and external structuressex determining region on Ybirds and certain reptiles, fish and butterfly have what type of sex chromosome system? how is it different from XYZ/W, it works in the opposite way of XYin Z/W system, what are female and male chromosomesfemale: ZW Male: ZZwhat are the three type of chromosome systems that display the diversitymammals: XX XY Drosophila:XX XY with X:A ratio birds and some reptiles: ZW ZZ roundworms: X:A ratio Platypus: multiple sets of chromosomes.