sociology chapter 2 day 3

the lifelong process by which we learn about sociatys norms costoms anad ideologies
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capitalists own means of production and use power to get more and workers most conflicts are made over power.Marks and economy classesMarx but focuses on gender more than class focases on the patriarchy as a unseen systemfeminist Theoryhuman act towards things that have meaning meaning of things is derived or arises from social interactions between people induces use an interpretive process to understand and modify meaningsinteractionism premisessocilisation is a horizontal process more influanced by everyday interactions and shared experiances children learn from one and otherinteractionism perspectivesocilisation helps give us a sence of self,we gain this sence through words and catagories used to dicribe others, our sense of self is assembled from the reactions of otherssymbolic interactionism continueda role is the behaviour expected from someone ex a dad has certain roles roles can be connected to actions rights obligations qualities norms and beliefssocial rolesstage 1) children learn languge and other symbols by imitating significant others stage2) the role playing stage stage children pretend to be other people stage3) the game stage-children learn complex rules to play games they are learning to play stage4)children think about themselves through the eyes of otherchildrens role taking stages