conflict resolution

Phase theory includes:
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The struggle of conflictMay be seen as a positive mechanism of changeSocial Exchange Theory focuses on the value individuals put on their particular relationships.trueFollowing Freudian theory, the part of the psyche that mediates between psychic desires and moral conscience is the:egoPsychodynamic theory:Helps to understand the conflicts that seem to come out of nowhereWhich of the following relates to Attribution theory:1) Information from the other is misinterpreted because of conclusions one makes about the other 2) It explains retaliation 3) It is a process of defining conflicts by interpreting other's behavior and choosing a strategy to achieve goalsWhich of the following is not a part of the I-statementObjective conceptual statementsCreativity in managing conflict includes:Changing the entry pointAssertive communication:Is a collaborative approachThe Confrontation Avoidance Cycle includes:Avoidance Withdrawal A view of conflict as bad Interruption of the Initiation stageIn conflict scenarios, the "T" in STLC refers to:Thinking about the cause