Lecture 13 - Poems to Pictures

Was the Library of Alexandria an educational institution?
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Who sets the fashion for new art? Why?Lysippus because he created sculptures of living shapes that went beyond the rule of what has been done beforeHow did sculpture and poetry assimilate moving through the Hellenistic period?Just as Lysippus created a new form of sculpture, poets were part of a modernist movement: new from old fashioned rules that clashed with the oldWhat does Posidippus say about the fusion between new poetry and sculpture?The equivalent of Philetas is this bronze statueWhy was Philetas of Cos apparently so thin?Because he was constantly writing poetryWho were the tutors of Ptolemy II, when were they, and what was their contribution?Strato of Lampsacus (300-294) - scientific strand Philetas of Cos (294-290) - poetic strand (1st Alexandria learned poet) Zenodotus (290-)Who sculpted Philetas of Cos' statue?LysippusWhat types of poems did Philetas of Cos write to be forerunner of Alexandria poets (court of Ptolemy II Philadelphus)?Elegiac couplets (Demeter), Epyllion (Hermes), epigramsHow did Simonides relate pictures and poems?"A poem is like a speaking picture"How did Horace relate pictures to poems?"Ut pictura poesis"Who was Erinna?4th-century poetess. She was a forerunner of Alexandrian poets. She remodeled the epic meter of homer and conveyed the personal voice of a young woman, lamenting the death of her childhood friend. She died at 19 years of age. She was the epitome of sweet and concise = but also the hard work involved in writing poetry.What is Erinna's only surviving work?Distaff