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Es ist definitiv eine Sache die man sehen muss.
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Ich kann es kaum erwarten dich erneut zu sehen.Can't wait to see you again.Ich freue mich von dir zu höhren.Looking forward to hearing from you.Schreib mir bald zurück und schreib mit wie es läuftWrite back soon and let me know how it goes.ausserdemmoreover, furthermoreeinerseitson one handandererseitson the other handallerdingshowevermeiner Meinung nachin my opinion(Not) überraschend(Not) surprisingly, ...Ich persönlich denke dassI personally feel thatEs würde besser sein wenn (+gerund)You'd be much better off (+gerund)tönt wonderschön/ schrechlich(The holiday) sounds wonderful/terribleIch glaube fest, dassI firmly believe that..Es ist weitgehend bekannt dassIt is widely believed that..All die Anzechen empfehlen dassA|l the evidence suggests that..Betürworter/Gegner/Anhänger argumentieren dassOpponents/Supporters/ Propsnents.. argue that..Es wird häufig gefordert dassIt is often claimed that..Es worde angedeutet dassIt has been suggested that.Es ist im Allgemeinen vereinbart dassIt is generally agreed that ...Alles guteAll the bestLass es mich wissenLet me knowIch hoffe dass das hilft/nicht hilft.I hope that's useful/helpful.Es ist gut zu/ Es ist nicht gut zuIt's best (not) tointeressanterweiseinterestinglypersönlichpersonallynatürlichnaturallyOhne AnsatzOne approachDu must zugeben, dassYou have to admit...Denk einfach...Just think...Weisst du dass...?Did you know that ...?wichtig/wesentlichimportantly(Un)glücklicherweise(un) fortunatelyEs ist/ Es ist nicht eine gute Idee zuIt's (not) a good idea toDu könntest/solltest versuchenYou could/should tryStell sicher dass duMake sure youWenn ich du wäre würde ich/würde ich nichtIf I were you, I'd/ I wouldn'tWie würdest du dich fühlen wenn...?How would you feel if...?Hast du jemals...?Have you ever...?Kannst du dir vorstellen?Can you imagine...?schliesslichin conclusionletztensfinallyzweitenssecondlyBeginnen mitTo begin withresümierento sum upWas auch immer du machst, stell sicher dassWhatever you do, make sure you...He is sometimes said/claimed that...Hope to see you/hear from you soon.Sorry I haven't written/been in touch for so lang.Sorry to hear about your ...Thanks (a lot) for the letter.Great/Lovely to hear from you (afther so long)!I trust/very muchich hoffe dass duhope you will...Es gibThere are those who argue that...I would strongly advise you (not) to go out and buy/see it.I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in...I would definitely give it a missAnother point of view is that ...Others argue thatSome/Many people feel that...My personal view is that ...I have ... experience ofI spent ... working asI'd/I wouldn't ... if I were youYour (article) states that...I should also like to point out that...Bye for nowbest wisheslots of loveDear Sir or Madam or Msyours faithfully Yours sincerelyworryinglyI look forward to receivinv/seeing...I am writing to apply for agrant to study/for...I saw/have seen your advertisement in...Thanks for your email/letter.howeverunfortunatelyin some casesfor example(I feel) I must also (dis) agree with ...I would like to draw your attention to/point out...I am writing to express...Just think ofI am writing with regard/reference toIt'd be a wonderful/marvellous apportunity for you...You'd get so much out of it.Just imagine how it would ..., not to mention ...Judging by the comments made by...Interviewes with ... have revealed that ...I partly/fully agree that...The future looks bleak/remains uncertain/is promising.There is little doubt that it would be a resounding success/of great benefit to the...It is conveniently located ideally situatet/well connected to...The ... is well equipped to deal with perfectly suited for ...It will also include/consider/suggest/recommend...The report is based on a survey conducted among...A recent survey proved that ...I have a good knowledge of...I have excellent communication/computer/organizational skills.It is generally agreed that...I would appreciate it/be grafeful if you would...It was great/lovely to hear from you.It's (not) worth/There's no/ little point (+gerund)Few people would contest/ dispute ... that...I am confident I would be well suited to the job.It will have you roaring with laughter/rushing out to buy the sequel.I hope you will consider my applicationNo one would dispute the fact that...It is widely believes that ...It is simply not the case that...There can be no doubt that...It is probably true to say that...I look forward to your reply/hearing from you.I believle I am an ideal candidate for a grant/the job.I feel I have the necessary ... and ... for the job.The aim/purpose of this report is to examine/evaluate/describe/outline...The ... has easy access to ...It is just a short walk/drive/bus/ride/train ride from the...It is withhin easy reach m/walking distance/driving distance of the...provides a fascinating valuable/revealing insight into...I feel it would be to our advantage if...In the light of the results of the survey, I would (strongly) advose against ...I would (strongly) recommend that ... should...This seems unlikely in the near/foresseable future.The ... boasts an impressive range of ...Few ... can offer such a large choice of ...There is no shortage/a wide selection of ... to choose from.I have a/an friendly/ sensitive/ easy-going/enthusiasic nature.I would like to volunteer to work with...The outlook for young people/jobs/the country is... bright/optimistic/depressing.