A2 Elementary

International House Sevastopol · Sevastopol', Ukraine

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English for Elementary level students (A2)

In July 2014
by sandymillin

Furniture (There's/There are) 6 terms

In June 2014
by MsRadler

Parts of the Body 17 terms

by sandymillin

Performers (what they do) 9 terms

In May 2014
by Britannica

Christmas vocabulary 20 terms

In April 2014
by LunaTeacher

Clothes 30 terms

by LunaTeacher

Clothes for KET 28 terms

by sandymillin

Town and city 28 terms

In October 2013
by sandymillin

Jobs 23 terms

by sandymillin

Verb phrases 22 terms

by sandymillin

Am, is or are? (the verb 'to be') 8 terms

In June 2013
by lizzie_whiting1

Feelings 15 terms

by evatrn

Irregular verbs - first and second form 110 terms

In March 2013
by sandymillin

Ordinal numbers 40 terms

by ikerson

Backpack 4 - Unit 7 - Ordinal Numbers 31 terms

In June 2012
by sandymillin

A typical day: daily routine 20 terms

by sandymillin

Places of work 8 terms

by sandymillin

Jobs 14 terms

In May 2012
by sandymillin

Adjectives 18 terms

by sandymillin

Food and Drink 29 terms

by sandymillin

Common verbs 1 12 terms

by sandymillin

Things 37 terms

by sandymillin

Clothes 27 terms

In March 2012
by LynnFerr

Days of the Week 7 terms

by ckrauter

Common Irregular Verbs 71 terms

by mvhs_aclab

Months in English 12 terms

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