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Here is the place to be if you are in need of great advice!

We help with everything from dating to help with friends and family! We even come up with great ideas to say sorry to someone!

Once you have been helped out and your problem is solved, we will remove you from our group member list.


P.S. sorry if some advice givers aren't on here a lot! we just have busy lives i guess...

In December 2008
added by evenpain

iu 57 terms

added by Mello_117

States + Capitals 16 terms

In November 2008
added by Mello_117

Go 2 4 terms Private

In October 2008
added by Mello_117

BLEACH 6 terms Private

In September 2008
added by amyblakeley

My wonderful friends [x 13 terms

In May 2008
added by i_was_here_x

Chapter 12 Study Guide (note-taking)- Science 50 terms

In March 2008
added by born4dreaming

Baseball 5 terms

added by born4dreaming

Crazy Funky Junky Hat Song 8 terms

added by born4dreaming

Hi 7 terms

In February 2008
added by blood

Twister 2 terms

added by blood

Twister 2 terms

added by blood

Twister 2 terms

In January 2008
added by matt14


In December 2007
added by wizmaster

awesomelist 7 terms

added by putmanj

nothing 5 terms

added by putmanj

spanish 10 terms

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