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Just a group that I created for anyone that is looking to learn irish. It was something that I was interested in because of my heritage, & I thought that someone else might be too, feel free to join of you want.

In April 2014
by jenniferbuz

Tar 27 terms

In October 2011

Cora Cainte 20 terms

In September 2011
by noshea1

Colors 11 terms

by 2011142

Irish Counties in Gaelic 26 terms

by noshea1

Weather 16 terms

by sara-kay

Irish phrases 10 terms

by DJK

Gaelic 27 terms

by helicopter

Irish Colours 10 terms

by ekatcooper

Irish: Animals 15 terms

by Robin_Goodfellow

Full Vocab 277 terms

by NickSchaffer

Weather II 21 terms

by Ellinor

Irish glossary 30 terms

by kitchensinks

Nathanna 22 terms

by GaelicRevivalMission

Numbers in Gaelic 10 terms

by aodh

Irish 40 terms

by astuhldr

Irish 125 terms

by cssc

Scottish Gaelic Everday Words Gre-Lob 58 terms

by kathy28

irish prepositional pronouns 7 terms

by NickSchaffer

Weather 21 terms

by Shivone

Aimsir 120 terms

by Robin_Goodfellow

Food 28 terms

by Sarahonon

Irish grammar 10 terms

by Somhairle

Irish vocabulary 301 terms

by sabreean

Irish vocabulary 367 terms

by Meela

Gaelic 325 terms

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