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My group Oreo Lovers is for people who like/love Oreos.
By the way we don't talk about oreos all day either.Come and join as long as you leave a good request.:)

In May 2012
by NiCoLeWilliams1199

Quizlet smileys:) 24 terms

In January 2012
by ekl918

Art Lecture 4 facts 25 terms

by jmazzone

Vincent Van Gogh 6 terms

by Schwabmi

Art Appreciation Images 16 12 terms

by ameliajls

Chinese Art History Post Mao 21 terms

by poisonivey_1

Art terms 46 terms

by flvsart

Module 2 26 terms

by jmazzone

Art Set 1 9 terms

by lmessick

Art 7- Principles of Design 10 terms

by dwrit2009

Spanish 3 Art Vocabulary 1 19 terms

by tempestuouslobos

ECHHS Chapter 32 'Artists' 88 terms

by tempestuouslobos

ECHHS Chapter 31 'Artists' 73 terms

by mrsbrey

Art Vocabulary 46 terms

by Aura_Lord

Just how Smart are you? 6 terms

by chuseth

AKC Dog Breeds 132 terms

by Badza

Some Singers&Songs 4 terms

by Badza


by Badza

Things 14 terms

by Badza

Phineas and Ferb 5 terms

by NiCoLeWilliams1199

Pics i get when type names&Definitions:) 5 terms

by Badza

Very Weird Things 17 terms

by Badza

Stores 30 terms

by Badza

What I like about my BEST FRIENDS! 3 terms

by Badza

F.U.N. 6 terms

In November 2011
by Badza

Pre-Algebra fractions into decimals 20 terms

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