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This is for everybody who is participating in the 2016 National Bible Bee. If you have any Greek/Hebrew sets that go with the current book/passage of study, or similar content, please join!! If you don't, join anyway!! If you have friends participating in the National Bible Bee please invite them!

>>> For a list of unaffiliated study helps and resources, go to www.ZachBaas.com/forthebee <<<

- This class is not affiliated with Bible Bee or the Shelby Kennedy Foundation.
- Please add only Greek and Hebrew word related sets
- Do NOT add sets containing content taken directly from the copyrighted Bible Bee Discovery Journal or you will risk being disqualified

This week

Greek Words - 1 John 1 27 terms

added by alaskabiblebee

Quizlet BB Meeting 6 terms

added by MommysHelperMemverse

Key Greek for 1 John 52 terms

added by MadelynRose_A

Quiz on BB Local Memory Passage Context 10 terms

added by MadelynRose_A

Key Greek for John 13-15 40 terms

added by MadelynRose_A

How to Study the National Bible Bee Memory Passages 2 terms

added by MadelynRose_A
Last week

Tips for Auditioning and Competing on the BB Game Show 3 terms

added by MadelynRose_A

Junior National Memory Passage/Greek Questions 13 terms

added by MommysHelperMemverse

1 John 1_Greek Words 11 terms

added by K8GB
In August 2016

Key Greek for 1 John 2 26 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

Key Greek for 1 John 1 17 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

Nationals Seating 27 terms Private

added by Light4theLord

Multiple Choice Questions on Every Verse in 1 John (27% Complete) 145 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

1 John Greek words 59 terms

added by Cory_Bryce

BB Nationals 2016 Junior Greek Words 18 terms Private

added by MommysHelperMemverse

Ranking? 40 terms

added by MommysHelperMemverse

Bible Bee 2016 Junior's Hangout 2 terms

added by BibleBee2016

Greek & Latin Words Bible Bee 2016 Names of God 19 terms

added by BibleBee2016

Review Questions (MC) 50 terms Private

added by squiggle14

Are you NERVOUS??? 14 terms

added by Justin_McA

Greek words w/ corresponding verses 31 terms

added by MommysHelperMemverse

Bible Bee ๐Ÿ“– 2016 Locals Greek Words **TEST PREP SET** 31 terms Private


What age category are you in? 26 terms Private

added by PilgrimOnEarth

Thanks JohnDeereCowboy your tip really helped!! 9 terms

added by Justin_McA

Ranks At Nats 33 terms

added by PilgrimOnEarth
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