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This is for everybody who is participating in the 2016 National Bible Bee. If you have any Greek/Hebrew sets that go with the current book/passage of study, or similar content, please join!! If you don't, join anyway!! If you have friends participating in the National Bible Bee please invite them!

>>> For a list of unaffiliated study helps and resources, go to www.ZachBaas.com/forthebee <<<

- This class is not affiliated with Bible Bee or the Shelby Kennedy Foundation.
- Please add only Greek and Hebrew word related sets
- Do NOT add sets containing content taken directly from the copyrighted Bible Bee Discovery Journal or you will risk being disqualified

This week

Week 5 CR 9 terms

added by rebekah614

Week 4 CR 9 terms

added by rebekah614

Week one CR Questions 16 terms

added by rebekah614

Week 3 CR 18 terms

added by rebekah614

Week 2 CR 17 terms

added by rebekah614
Last week

Facts in the Senior Discovery Journal (All Weeks) 21 terms

added by bardleonard

Week Three Senior Cross-Refs Follow (akoloutheō) 6 terms Private

added by bardleonard

Greek Words with English Definitions 29 terms

added by wanliss
This month

Greek words in John 13 11 terms

added by biblebeememory

Multiple Choice Questions on Every Verse in John 13-15 (86% Complete) 417 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

Greek for John 15 14 terms

added by rachaelelise31

All Greek Words in the Senior DJ 33 terms

added by TheIngalls

Study Guide-John (important facts and other passages) 151 terms

added by EmmaF05

(Yet Another) GrεεΚ Word Set (from Discovery Journal Days 1.1-5.5) 20 terms

added by RADS2014
In June 2016

Greek/Hebrew for John 14 16 terms

added by rachaelelise31

John 13-15 Greek 55 terms

added by mrussell07

Greek/Hebrew for John 13 18 terms

added by rachaelelise31

Multiple Choice Questions - John 13-15/Discovery Journal (In Progress) 108 terms

added by wanliss

All Greek Words From John 13-15 Study 40 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

John 13-15 Greek 66 terms

added by Cory_Bryce
In January 2016

The Ten Commandments 10 terms

added by bardleonard

The 10 Plagues Against Egypt. 10 terms Private

added by bardleonard

The Days of Creation 7 terms Private

added by bardleonard
In November 2015

Signup for Nationals Photo Sharing Site 11 terms Private

added by MemVerseFanatic

Key Greek Words - John 1-12 42 terms

added by amy110
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