2015 Bible Bee Greek & Hebrew

Bible Bee · anywhere in the USA, NM

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2015 Bible Bee greek (and hebrew!) only please!
This is for everybody who is participating in the 2014 National Bible Bee. If you have any Greek/Hebrew sets that go with the current Sword Study, or similar content, please join!! If you don't, join anyway!! If you have friends participating in the National Bible Bee please invite them!

Notice: This group is strictly for greek and/or hebrew word sets.
For a list of unaffiliated study helps and resources, go to zachweb.com.nu/forthebee

- This class is not affiliated with Bible Bee or the Shelby Kennedy Foundation.

This week
added by MemVerseFanatic

Got questions about the Bible? Get answers on my blog! 6 terms

In December 2014
added by Light4theLord

What book is next? Hmmm... 38 terms

In November 2014
added by Cayleegirl

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! 18 terms

added by MandyJ2468

What's Your Bible Bee score? 104 terms

added by MandyJ2468

What is Your Favorite Bible Bee Verse? 25 terms

added by TheOlsons

Bible Bee Photo Sharing Group!! 3 terms

added by acatterpillar

2015 Bible Bee Guesses Whoohoo 41 terms

In October 2014
added by MandyJ2468

Farewell Message!!!😭😭 37 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

212 Questions on Every Verse in Nahum! *FINISHED!* 212 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

Study on Locusts/Grasshoppers 9 terms

added by MandyJ2468

Nationals Greek and Hebrew w/ bonuses! 82 terms

added by MandyJ2468

Ice Breaker Games for Meetings 8 terms

added by sam_martin78

Hebrew Nahum Words 165 terms

added by Adventure2004

All of my Nahum Hebrew words 165 terms

added by Leapordess

IDEAS 53 terms

added by MandyJ2468

Jonah Question 10 terms

added by biblebee-a

Share your Bible Bee tips!!! Bible Bee In Progress!! 83 terms

added by MandyJ2468

Jonah 10 terms

added by newcreation

Bible Bee 2014 - Nahum Hebrew with Greek Equivalents and Occurences in Nahum (In Progress) 6 terms

added by MandyJ2468

Nahum Keywords from Memory Passages 12 terms


A Complete List of Nahum's Hebrew (and a bit of Greek!) 271 terms

added by MandyJ2468

In-Depth Keywords in Nahum 2! *incomplete* 75 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

Nahum & Jonah Hebrew Words 156 terms

added by MandyJ2468


added by MandyJ2468

Link for the Bible Bee Webinar!! 2 terms

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