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This is for everybody who is participating in the 2015 National Bible Bee. If you have any Greek/Hebrew sets that go with the current book/passage of study, or similar content, please join!! If you don't, join anyway!! If you have friends participating in the National Bible Bee please invite them!

>>> For a list of unaffiliated study helps and resources, go to http://zachbaas.com/forthebee/ <<<

- This class is not affiliated with Bible Bee or the Shelby Kennedy Foundation.
- Please add only Greek and Hebrew word related sets
- Do NOT add materials from the copyrighted Bible Bee Study Guide or you will risk being disqualified

This week
added by bstelzl

People/people groups in John Chapter 7-12 Name meanings 45 terms

added by bstelzl

John 1-12 Chapter Content multi-choice 12 terms

added by Cory_Bryce

Greek/Hebrew words from early release Nationals passages 123 terms

added by Cory_Bryce

Greek Words from John 1-12 (plus some Hebrew from locals) 114 terms

Last week
added by Ryan_Schmitt40

What do you think of the memory passages? 2 terms

This month
added by MemVerseFanatic

What do YOU think the NATIONAL Bible Bee book is going to be? 43 terms

In July 2015
added by Colossians3_22-24

Greek Words from Study Guide - Up dated for Week 6 63 terms

added by Cory_Bryce

John Greek and Hebrew Words 60 terms

added by Cory_Bryce

2015 Bible Bee Hebrew and Greek Words 24 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

All Greek & Hebrew Words From John 1-6 Study 49 terms

added by Cory_Bryce

Practice Classmarker 2015 tests 10 terms

added by RADS2014

Greek and Hebrew Words 12 terms

added by Leapordess

John 1-6 Greek Words 23 terms

added by acatterpillar

John 1-6 Greek Words 161 terms

added by RADS2014

Chat Room - Practice Test 10 terms

added by Cory_Bryce

Bible Bee discussion 43 terms

added by SamuelForster

Primary Greek Words for John Chapter 1 10 terms

added by Biblebee4Him

Greek and Hebrew words (Finished!!!) 60 terms

added by Cory_Bryce

BB2015 weeks 1-6 Greek and Hebrew words 74 terms

In June 2015
added by MemVerseFanatic

Bible Bee John Greek and Hebrew 24 terms

added by RADS2014

John 1 Greek Words 8 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

Multiple Choice Questions on Every Verse in John 1-3 332 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

Find even more Bible Bee study resources! 6 terms

added by MemVerseFanatic

John Chapters 1-6 Places in Greek 16 terms

added by Godzjoy

Fill in the blank questions for John 1-6 NKJV (In progress) ;) 56 terms Private

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