Math with Mrs. Zaferakis

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Mrs. Zaferakis
5th grade
Jamesville DeWitt Middle School

In February 2012
by brownmrs

Geometry- Polygons 12 terms

by schmuker

Polygons 7 terms

by lsammon

NG polygons 10 terms

by Sindlinger

Geometry-Polygons 23 terms

by jenfrazzle

Crandall's metric conversion 65 terms

by vbzirilli

measurment 24 terms

In November 2011
by fenn6math

Fractions, Decimals and Percents 67 terms

by tschober

Common Fractions and Percents 20 terms

by MsBillett

Fraction Basics 5 terms

by jmolohon

Subtraction Facts 210 terms

by jmolohon

Addition Facts 360 terms

by jmolohon

Division Facts 126 terms

by cscribner

Topic 4: Division Meanings and Facts 4 terms

by cbrookens

multiplication facts 100 terms

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