The OPEN Ethereal Army

Welcome to the Ethereal Army

No spamming (chat flood, repeating, etc.).
No Cussing (Abbreviations included).
No Hacking.
No Bullying.
No Inviting banned members.
No Violence.
No RPG. This is a studying group. not a game.
No Making copies of this group.
No Advertising other groups.
No Inviting any members without asking first.
Managers cannot promote members.
Managers cannot ban members WITHOUT my permission.

Make sure the green "on" circle is next to your username when you're logged on.
Violators will be put on probation.

You MUST have an explanation of why you wish to join this group. If you do not, then you will be rejected.

Creator: Dark_Vegito/Dark_Vegeta
Co-Creat or: TillTheEnd
Managers: BlockaFrogy, KewlKiwi, Snivy45,

About the Warnings:
1st offense, you're on probation, you'll be removed for 48 hours.
2nd offense, you're banned for a week.
3rd offense, you're permanently banned.


Temporarily Banned: CalliSwagDistrict for inviting banned members.

Permanently Banned: RainingOnMySuns hine spamming/cussing

News: We have reached a total of 300+ members! Let's keep growing. Lets go for 1000+ sets now!!

The Ethereal Army(V3)
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In March 2012
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