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NGS is ONLY for awesome people who go to the same school, so HA! Not that you're not awesome but, eh, whatever. You can't join. No unless you go to our school... Which you probably don't.
So ha.
With the only exception being extremely awesome people who we know well.

In September 2012
by MrFritzScience

Composite Materials 23 terms

In April 2012
by phantom1111

lit group 11 terms

In February 2012
by i_am_AWESOME-O

French 2 Test 22 terms

by book-theif

book thief vocab 22 terms

In January 2012
by fathongfat

Three insane dumplings 3 terms

by phantom1111

easy as pie 5 terms

by phantom1111

find the secret 5 terms

by BugsyLuvsYou

Favorite movies of all time! 79 terms

by BugsyLuvsYou

I was bored so I did this 6 terms

by phantom1111

hello 20 terms

by phantom1111

phantom cards 1 5 terms

by anitaberalol

LOL 11 terms

by Marsmushergon

PIE 5 terms

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