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Study group for 8th grade students of the Quail Valley GT Academy, 2011-2012! Our school is super hard so we need extra study help! This group might include the following subjects (all Pre AP): Biology, ELA 8, Algebra, Math 8, Science 8, Art, U.S. History, and Spanish II! Go Raiders! :)

This is now a public group, everyone is welcome!

If you would like to be promoted to Manager, I (Simmie, lifeissweet) will be promoting anyone who makes at least one flashcard set.

In December 2012
by ilovefrench48

Common Polyatomic Ions 28 terms

by kceng

The Odyssey - plot questions 41 terms

by kiyan_badkoubeh

Europe Countries and Capitals Quiz 47 terms

In October 2012
by itssimi

Future Tense Irregulars 10 terms

by robochocolate255

Dance of the Happy Shades - Vocabulary 50 terms

In May 2012
by ajscienceteach

Biology EOC Review 212 terms

by twintowersam

eoc review flashcards 180 terms

by itssimi

Introduction to the Animal Kingdom 19 terms

by itssimi

The Bill of Rights 10 terms

In April 2012
by Cookiemonster055

Comida repaso 64 terms

by Cookiemonster055

Cómo se hace.... 77 terms

by itssimi

Cuando Éramos Niños - When We Were Kids 68 terms

by itssimi

Chapter 11: Radicals and Geometry Connections 20 terms

by itssimi

Bacteria Notes 34 terms

In March 2012
by MachyTheParrot

Tips & Tricks to remembering the Mind Dump! 10 terms

by itssimi

El Imperfecto: The Imperfect Tense 19 terms

by itssimi

Some Synthetic Polymers You Use 7 terms

by itssimi

Deriving the Quadratic Formula 10 terms

by AfreenRules

Chemistry Test Review #2 32 terms

by itssimi

Chapter 10: Quadratic Equations and Functions 11 terms

by itssimi

Ecosystems & Communities 40 terms

by itssimi

Events & Eras 21 terms

by itssimi

Chapter 3: Ecology 37 terms

by itssimi

Mind Dump Quiz 15 terms

by itssimi

La Guerra Civil de España - Spanish Civil War 24 terms

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